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7 Awesome Benefits of Online Fax Services

Around 16 million faxes are sent each year which proves how this seemingly old-school technology is still vital for businesses.

Nowadays, we’ve ditched the clunky fax machine and brought it online. If you’re considering online fax services but aren’t sure of the benefits, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are seven fantastic benefits of using this service.

What Does Online Fax Services Mean?

Before diving into the benefits of online faxing, it’s important to understand what we mean by the term. An online fax service sends faxes via the global IP network instead of traditional landlines.

As a result, businesses can receive and send faxes either in digital form or as paper documents. Online fax services have various features but reputable ones allow digital signatures, group delivery, large file sending, and status tracking so you can monitor your faxes.

The Top 7 Advantages

We’ve covered how electronic fax solutions work but are they suitable for your business? If you’re still on the fence, check out these fax advantages. For instance:

1. Saves Money

A major benefit of online fax services is how it saves money. This costs you a maximum of $50 a month while a traditional fax machine alone costs $200 plus paper, ink cartridges, toner, maintenance, and phone lines.

Regardless of whether you’re a small business or a corporation, you save a fortune when you switch to online faxes. This is especially useful for startup companies that don’t have a flexible budget.

Further, online fax services offer scalable options to grow alongside your business. If you’re expanding and you want to add users, multiple fax lines, or send more faxes then you can easily switch plans. When you do this, you’re not paying a dollar more than what you need, again proving it’s a cost-effective option.

2. Keeps Documents Organized

There’s nothing worse than sifting through a pile of faxed sheets of paper, trying to find an important document. Luckily, when you use online fax services, your documents stay organized.

Once you sign up with an online fax service, you get a local number so you can send and receive faxes. Faxes are then sent to your email inbox so you can choose which faxes to print. You can also organize, label, and categorize documents using an online filing system so you can separate urgent and unimportant documents.

Plus, you save office space and storage. You no longer have a fax machine taking up desk space as online fax services offer sufficient data storage so your inbox can save old files and faxes. Many online fax services also store files in the cloud so they’re safe and accessible 24/7.

3. Lets You Send and Recieve Faxes On the Go

One main advantage of online faxes services is how you can send faxes when you’re on the road. This is because you receive faxes as attachments that you can easily download and open on your mobile device or laptop.

And to send a fax, all you need is to compose an email, enter your recipient’s fax number, attach the document, and hit ‘send’. You can send faxes in a picture format, PDF, or as an Office document. So using online fax services means employees can go on business trips without worrying about missing an important fax.

4. Can Add Digital Signatures to Faxes

One feature that makes online fax services so appealing is how you can add a digital signature. It’s important to note these are just as legally binding as physicals ones and you can add one to important documents.

After you’ve received a fax, use the fax service’s app to create a signature and add it to one or multiple documents. Then, send back the signed document and you’re done. You don’t even need to print it out!

5. Easy to Set Up and Use

Unlike traditional fax machines, online fax services are simple to set up. All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection, a plan, and the service’s app or platform. This means even technophobes can send and receive faxes stress-free.

6. Improved Security

Security is paramount for all businesses and online fax services know this. Many use encryption systems to safeguard your data so only you and the recipient can access the files. Plus, as there is no physical machine in the office, there’s no risk of an unauthorized person reading the contents.

7. Saves Time

Physical fax machines are time-wasters as employees have to check every file that arrives or fix paper jams. But when you use an online fax service, files are sent electronically so employees can focus on more important matters.

In fact, the average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper per year which isn’t only bad for the environment but it costs businesses a fortune. On the other hand, online fax services encourage companies to go paperless as you only need to print out essential documents.

That’s Why You Should Switch to Online Fax Services

Now you know the benefits of using online fax services for your business.

Instead of a clunky machine, you can send or receive faxes electronically which saves time, money, and resources. You can also digitally sign important documents and know your data is safe thanks to the iron-clad encryption systems.

Discuss your needs with the online fax service and they’ll suggest the perfect plan so you only pay for what you use. Good luck!

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