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5 Incentives For Businesses To Use Cloud HR Systems

Over the last ten years, the way HR departments work has dramatically changed. No longer are human resource professionals left in back offices within mounds of paperwork and ever-ringing telephones.

What was once considered an incredibly stressful role has become far more effortless with the implementation of cloud HR systems. These systems allow the user to access the platform online, from any device at any time, while still remaining secure.

This means there is no need to have everything on one computer and paper is irradiated, leading to no more lost paperwork and floor space taken up with filing cabinets. There’s also the added bonus of being far more environmentally friendly.

However, despite these newer HR systems being such a huge benefit, not every business has taken up the opportunity to take full advantage of it. Using outdated HR systems can have hugely negative implications.  We look into 5 reasons why any business should invest in cloud HR systems.

1.  High Security

HR by its nature requires high security for all information and documents. Sensitive data such as contact details and employee bank information needs to be stored by this department. This is why security is always a high priority on the list for HR.

Cloud HR systems are easily accessible, but only by those who have the authority to do so. Password protected portals enable information to be securely saved and restrictions can be placed on certain users, meaning data is only ever seen by those who are intended.

There is also the added security element of information not being lost. Damage, loss and theft to a work computer can lead to not just a financial loss of the equipment but also the loss of information stored on the hard drive.

As these HR systems are cloud-based, all data is stored externally on the cloud, leading to no risk of losing this. Paper copies of information always pose a risk of being misplaced or accidentally destroyed, external servers holding this information electronically remove this worry.

2.  Great Flexibility & Familiarity

Some businesses may be hesitant to install new software due to the concern that it may not integrate with current systems and cause previous investment to be made redundant.

Almost all HR software vendors can adapt their services to easily integrate with current systems used. They will even help to install this and show the relevant teams how to sync information.

By integrating these, it provides familiarity to staff members who may have been using previous systems for years and have become comfortable with this way of working.

This way, employees are far more likely to use these new HR systems to their full potential if they already have some familiarity with the programmes being used.

3.  Cost Saving

Every business will jump at the chance to make some cost-saving decisions and HR software can do just that.

Compared on on-premise installations, cloud-based HR systems are affordable. As they are so easy to install and maintain, it means that IT teams are no longer required to spend precious time sorting out issues that may occur.

The majority of HR software suppliers will have helplines and online agent chats that can help with any queries or technical issues, relieving IT staff from this.

If the right vendor is chosen, they won’t just be an IT specialist, but also have extensive HR knowledge, for small businesses who are still growing, this can be incredibly valuable. Free, impartial HR advice is just a call away.

4.  Automatic Updates

Working hours can often be lost to systems having to be updated and access restricted during this time.

Cloud-based HR systems update automatically, at no extra cost. This means businesses will always be using the most up-to-date software and are most commonly carried out outside working hours, meaning there is no interruption to the busy working day.

Many automatic updates will fall in line with any new rules and regulations that have been introduced by the government or any regulatory body, such as GDPR, meaning businesses don’t have to worry if they are in breach of new guidelines with their systems, their provider does all the hard work for them.

These updates won’t cause any loss to current projects and information, meaning users can simply log in the next morning to continue business as usual.

5.  Employee Self-Service

HR teams are essential for so many aspects of the business and their time is extremely precious. Unfortunately, as these team members are so integral to every employee, they often find themselves inundated with queries and requests that can lead to huge workloads.

HR portals aren’t just aren’t for the human resources team, but can be utilised by everyone in the business. They allow access to information that would otherwise require a manual process from HR staff.

In a few clicks, employees can access payslips, request holiday and log expenses. They can even update their own details, such as phone numbers, addresses and banking information, relieving these tasks from the HR teams.

Even the most simple task of locating a colleagues email address can be arduous and time consuming if there is no proper storage of these details and calling various departments to find this can be exhausting. HR systems store all of this in one place, allowing easy access and reducing wasted time.

Other benefits of HR systems include improved communication platforms, onboarding assistance and helping training within the current staff and new starters. Many platforms can be tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses and depending on budget, the sky really is the limit with how an HR system can perform and benefit an organisation.


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