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5 Best Business Continuity Planning and Management Software

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a set of management actions that an organization takes to ensure that its customers and suppliers can use critical business functions in the event of a disruption.

The above definition refers not only to activities performed in the event of a business disruption but also to operations performed on a daily basis to prevent an emergency and to be prepared for immediate response.

Ensuring business continuity and protecting the company’s or institution’s resources have a positive impact on the effectiveness of their functioning. The realization of this goal boils down to controlling the factors that disrupt the proper functioning or infringe on the company or institution’s resources.

During the risk analysis, harmful factors are forecasted, and in the event of their occurrence, there is a planned response aimed at minimizing losses and restoring operation as quickly as possible. A component of a good continuity management plan is an adequate and reliable software that automates the whole process.

In this article, we will present to you the best software to protect your company from crises.

1.  Continuity2

This BCM software is the best if you need to update, control, and implement effective plans that take into account unforeseen events and the organization’s capabilities. MeridianBCMS software for business continuity was established to respond effectively to disruptions so that mission-critical functions continue to deliver an acceptable level of service.

Continuity2 ensures dynamic reporting, incident management, and notification, as well as exercise and testing. In the case of failure, this software takes corrective action in order to get rid of the problem. It’s plan management includes business impact analysis and data visualization. By choosing this software, you can expect the execution of critical processes in a safe mode and quickly return to normal operating mode.

2.  LogicManager

With LogicManager, you will gain improved coordination between disaster recovery, crisis response teams, and business continuity. Your Business Continuity Planning (BCP) will contain the crisis management structure, rules of conduct in crisis situations, procedures, and emergency instructions (including notification and reconstruction of the ICT infrastructure).

This software tracks disasters continuously and can identify significant gaps in your BCP. It will find procedural improvements for you thanks to intuitive incident templates. You can also be sure that a business continuity strategy is developed based on the data collected during the risk analysis.

On the basis of all the collected data, it performs an analysis aimed at examining whether the parameters of restoring key business processes and resources enabling their implementation, assumed during BIA (Business Impact Analysis), can be achieved.

3.  BWise

BWise is a BCMS that is prioritizing business continuity and recovery plans. Maintaining a centralized business continuity process includes disaster recovery and continuity plans that focus on the restoration of specific operations, features, sites, services, etc. It is resolving issues by assigning action plans and by monitoring them. BWise will let you know about crisis events happening and activate continuity and resiliency plans.

Incident management functions are here to record events coming from a variety of sources, and an initial impact assessment is conducted for each incident. Events with significant negative effects are classified as incidents and, depending on the type and severity of the incident; appropriate actions are initiated for them.

4.  Quantivate

This software specializes in identifying threats and assessing the risk. Risk assessment is based on vulnerability and threat analyses that help in generating future business continuity plans. Quantivate is a software that identifies critical business processes and carries out analysis to better tackle disturbances.

When an incident occurs, the launch of the business continuity plan is started. After the end of the incident, the procedure is followed up by a few more actions – causes and effects of the event are assessed, and a short summary report is prepared. Everything happens based on predetermined scenarios, which speeds up the service.

5.  Assurance Software

Assurance Software serves to retrieve information, including warning messages. It monitors the functioning of the ICT infrastructure and other technical infrastructures. It also notifies, for example, about breakdowns and other IT-related incidents. This software also collects the data, which is the basis for the implementation of corrective actions and improvement of management systems, and may also be helpful during risk analysis.

This business continuity software decreases security risks. Cyber Resilience is an essential survival tool for organizations in today’s ever-changing cyber environment. BCMS is the most robust way to build cyber resilience so your organization can get back into business as soon as possible from possible attacks.


Business continuity management aims to manage risk in such a way that in the event of a disruption of activities or business processes by external or internal factors, the organization can continue to function and achieve its business goals.

The software supporting the process of implementing and maintaining BCMS is a godsend for companies that need to ensure the continuity of their work. Choosing the best one is a piece of cake if you know the whole spectrum of possible options.

©Paula Sieracka


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