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4 Compelling SEO Techniques Every Company Needs Today

Brisbane is recognised as the third most populated city in Australia. More than 2.5 million Australians call the state capital of Queensland as their home as of 2019, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Known for being a diverse city, approximately 32.2% of all the people in the metropolitan area are born in foreign countries then settled in Brisbane due to its favourable living conditions. It has plenty of attractive tourist landmarks like the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and the Queensland Cultural Centre. But aside from the city’s attractions, people also settle in the city due to its flourishing economy. 

Several industries thrive in this part of the Land Down Under, including the retail, health care, and professional services industries. Some of the biggest corporations that established their headquarters in the city include Virgin Australia, TechnologyOne, and Collins Foods. Apart from these companies, startup businesses also choose to settle in the city. Because of this, the Brisbane SEO industry is also doing well nowadays. They help startups and major businesses improve and maintain their online reputation. 

Because of the constant changes in the economic landscapes, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques also evolved. Here are several SEO techniques that companies in Brisbane can practice to drive organic traffic to the website and keep up with the developments in the online world.  

Enhance User Experience Throughout the Website

Google and other widely used search engines aim to provide the best results for any query typed by the users on their search bar. If they fail to do this, the users may opt to leave the search engine and look for the answers anywhere else. Because of this, SEO analyst need to ensure that the site that they developed could match the high user experience standards set by Google. 

If the brand’s website looks outdated, boring, and loads slower than the other sites, the target users will most likely abandon it and move on to other websites to get the information that they need. It will cause a potential conversion loss and increase in the site’s bounce rate. As a result, the site will not help the company reach its goal of getting more revenues due to its strong online reputation. 

To avoid this, SEO experts must always keep the Core Web Vitals metrics in mind to provide the best user experience possible. Some of the steps to boost the site’s user experience include creating informative and reader-friendly content, using the “bucket brigade” copywriting technique, and using tools to assess if the website reaches the most crucial user experience standards. 

Optimise For Efficient Voice Search

Smart speakers are fast becoming a staple gadget around the world. According to reports, about 55% of adult consumers may own at least one smart speaker by 2022. It means that SEO experts must include voice search optimisation in their strategy. 

To pull this off, the SEO strategists must maximise the use of long-tail keywords to help the website rank in search engines. It will make answers to queries easier to understand. A structured data or Schema markup can also help both the user and Google understand the content’s subject better, which would also result in better rankings. 

Prioritise Mobile SEO 

Since almost all people have at least one smartphone or tablet, SEO experts and companies must always consider the mobile optimisation of their websites. Based on a recent survey published in February 2019, at least 80.8% of people in Australia shopped online. More people are expected to make online purchases in the coming years, which means that efforts to optimise mobile-friendly sites will help improve its search engine rankings. 

Also, Google announced in March 2020 that it launched a mobile smartphone agent bots to crawl mobile-friendly websites. It means that the small-screen version of the desktop site will get crawled and indexed first before the big-screen edition. If the company and SEO experts want to take advantage of this development, they must begin to optimise mobile sites.  

Write Longer Content

A study conducted by Banklinko found out that websites with longer content get more backlinks. As a result, it receives more traffic and a higher-ranking position on search engines. 

If the written content provides plenty of meaty information for the readers, there is a huge chance that the target audience will stay longer on the site to read every detail mentioned in the webpage. However, the content strategists must also keep in mind that this technique may not work all the time, especially if the information needed requires less explanation. 

Aside from writing 2000-word content, they can opt to refresh old content using the latest updates regarding the topic. They can also incorporate new YouTube video posts to make the content user-friendlier. 

With the help of these strategies, the SEO efforts will help Brisbane companies keep up with the changes in the industry. It will let them enjoy a better online reputation, which can convert to better sales and revenues. The companies and the SEO team must also lookout for new updates in the SEO industry to let them maintain their online rankings.

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