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Home News Use your mouse and keyboard with these PS4 games

Use your mouse and keyboard with these PS4 games

Most people are pretty well aware of the fact that PC gamers are at an advantage when it comes to detailed control. Using a mouse and keyboard certainly has its benefits. However, not everyone is aware that the PS4 actually does support keyboard and mouse input. Here are some of the games that support a keyboard and mouse that you might want to try.

★ Featured favorite

Final Fantasy XIV


Like so many MMOs, there is a lot going on in Final Fantasy XIV. With so much happening on the screen, playing an MMO with a console controller can sometimes be a bit of a pain. Fortunately, Final Fantasy XIV has native keyboard and mouse support and that might make your life a little easier.

$31 at Amazon
$51 at Best Buy
$60 at WalMart

A fine strategy

They Are Billions

Staff pick


The swarms of up to 20,000 infected throw themselves at your colony walls. Survive and kill the horde of billions. This real-time strategy game offers randomly-generated maps so every game will offer a unique experience. Will humanity survive the onslaught?

$30 at PlayStation Store

Team Battle



Mouse and keyboard offer a tremendous advantage to Overwatch gameplay, much to Blizzard’s dismay. Blizzard Entertainment wants Sony and Microsoft to remove the use of the superior mouse targeting, but both companies are all for keeping it. If you are an Overwatch fan on a console, you might want to consider these tools.

$56 at Amazon
$37 at Best Buy
$34 at Walmart

COD (not the fish)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


This iconic first-person shooter offers the use of mouse and keyboard, which is the superior way of targeting your enemies for that perfect headshot (in our opinion). Play the solo campaign with better accuracy or hop into multilayer combat and decimate your foes.

$60 at Amazon
$60 at Best Buy
$50 at Walmart




Zombies are a constant worry, but perhaps you should fear humans more. DayZ is a post-apocalyptic survival MMO where everything is trying to kill you. Survive the zombies, other humans, and the environment. Work with others to build a base or hide out in a little camp for one.

$35 at Amazon
$40 at Best Buy

Air Combat

War Thunder


If you are hot for military combat simulators, you’re probably already familiar with War Thunder. However, you may not be aware that you can use a mouse and keyboard when playing it. Just think about being able to map your zoom command to your mouse wheel. Life is already a little easier!

Free at PlayStation

Fantasy MMORPG

Elder Scrolls Online


What do you know! It’s another MMO that supports a keyboard. Unfortunately, you can’t use it in the game, but you can use it to send a message to your guildmates. This makes connecting to your fellow players a lot easier when you can’t use a mic.

$24 at Amazon
$60 at Best Buy
$60 at Walmart

Another Fantasy MMORPG!



Neverwinter is a fantasy-based multiplayer online game that’s entirely free to play. Explore the world of Ravenloft and work with fellow players to take out Count Strahd Von Zarovich and the castle he resides in. You can use your keyboard in-game to send messages to your guildmates for communication to be easier!

Free at PlayStation Store

Superheroes Unite

DC Universe Online


Build your character from the ground up by choosing iconic superpowers based on the DC Universe. This is a free-to-play action-based multiplayer online game, meaning you’ll be completing jobs with other villains and heroes alike! Your keyboard is compatible with typing messages to your fellow players if you don’t have a mic available.

Free at PlayStation Store

You can use your mouse and keyboard on a PS4!

Few PS4 games support mouse and keyboard and those do, that support is still limited. However, it helps with the games that offer it. Final Fantasy XIV is our top pick for now because of the extensive class system, the number of players still enjoying the game, and the fact you can use the mouse and keyboard for actual game controls and not just for communication in chats like other MMOs.

There is a distinct advantage to using a mouse and keyboard over controllers in shooters and combat games like Overwatch or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The difference between using a mouse and keyboard and a controller can actually be overwhelming for developers. Blizzard Entertainment is struggling to balance classes to overcome the controls. Rather than removing mouse and keyboard from multiplayer games, Sony and Microsoft have released some tools to help make it easier to use the mouse and keyboard.

The best geat for mouse and keyboard gaming

If you’re going to use a mouse and keyboard with your PlayStation 4 you want to make sure you get the best equipment. Not only should they fit your budget, but they should fit the comfort of your gaming station as well.

AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard


$13 at Amazon

The AmazonBasics wired keyboard is perfect for PS4 use. It’s small, comfortable, and fits right in your lap or off to the side for easy access.

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired


$18 at Amazon

Making gaming easier with seven extra buttons for you to configure with skill commands via the menu or options screen of your game.

Hori Tactical Assault Commander Pro M2


$150 at Amazon
$150 at WalMart

This officially licensed keypad controller set brings PC style controls to your PS4. The back-lit mechanical keypad gives a great feel as you play on your console. Programmable buttons can be set through an iOS or Android app. Get exactly the setup you want.


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