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Top 5 Global Companies Which Are Going to Create Their Own Crypto Coin

Most people are unsure that they should put their hands in the crypto industry or not. If you are one of them, read on to understand the future perspectives of cryptocurrencies. In this article, you will know which global companies are going to create their crypto coins. 


Who does not know about Facebook? It is the most active and largest social media platform in the world. With more than 2.6 billion active users per month, it is the most popular digital platform where people spend their leisure time. Now, Facebook is not only used for connecting with friends, but it has also a wide range of applications in businesses. 

Recently, Facebook has announced its digital token “Libra”. It established an association named Libra Association to manage the digital currency. With 28 founding members the project was launched in June 2020 and it hopes that the number will grow up to 100.  This project aims to bring a global payment system, where users do not require a bank account for making financial transactions. 

Many financial experts are comparing libra with the most successful cryptocurrency bitcoin. Whereas some experts do not accept libra as a cryptocurrency. Because they argue that, it is not decentralized in nature. However, this is the highest ever corporate financing project related to digital tokens. This shows that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are going to be the future of money. 


Online retail giant, Amazon may release its cryptocurrencies very soon. Because the company has registered three domains related to cryptocurrencies recently. Moreover, Amazon has already a digital token named “Amazon Coin” in its platform. However, it is not a traditional cryptocurrency rather its like a gift card.

Further, the CEO of the most popular crypto trading exchange Binance, believes that Amazon will come up with its crypto coin in the future. However, the company has not officially announced the release, but its patenting activity tells that Amazon will create its crypto coin in the future.


After so many hesitations towards the crypto space, Google finally interested to join the crypto industry and create its digital token. Google intended to approach the founder of Ethereum but it approached the CEO of IOHK.

The company will come up with its crypto coin very soon. Because it is approaching many crypto giants for its project on digital currencies. The company has also shown its interest in Cardano, a scalable and robust digital currency. The founders of the popular crypto exchange Gemini have also given positive statements regarding Google’s approach towards cryptocurrency. Now it is clear that cryptocurrencies are going to be in high-demand and investing in major cryptocurrencies can be profitable in the future. 


The largest supply chain system Walmart hopes to come up with its digital currency very soon. The company has applied for a patent to develop its crypto coin. The digital coin will help customers to pay their bills easily and they don’t need to carry credit cards or debit cards for payments. 

Although the company has not announced any name for its digital coin, rumors have spread that the digital coin will be named as WalmartCoin. 

Arias Intel Corp.

Arias Intel Corp. is a technology and gaming company that is working towards developing its crypto coin iNEO. The cryptocurrency will help users to buy goods, services, and settle business transactions through smart contracts. 

It will integrate its coin in mobile games and applications. It will also provide an API and open source platform where developers can create applications. The company aims to use blockchain technology to deal with payment and security issues. 

Moreover, the company is going to create an iNEO protocol that will be used for providing blockchain-based solutions to the cannabis and supply chain industry. 

Bottom Line

The above information tells that, cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are going to grow in the future. Many crypto investors are using Brexit Trader to invest in bitcoin as well as in other crypto coins such as Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Read more about Brexit Trader

Finally, if you want to make a career in these industries or invest in cryptocurrencies, start now. Because this is the right time to invest in the disruptive industry. Please share your views on this in the comment section. 


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