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These are the Chromebook accessories your student needs!

The best Chromebook accessories for students elevate their experience in any environment, not just in school. Chromebooks are fantastic for so many people, but there are few environments they thrive in better than schools. Between easy management and maintenance, enterprise-grade security, and drop-dead easy workflow — not to mention all those lovely, lovely keyboard shortcuts — Chromebooks are in most cases, quite literally, made for the classroom. Before you head back to class for another year of learning and making dope memes with your friends, here are some accessories that can make your Chromebook slicker and sweeter than ever.

Expand your space

SanDisk Ultra

Staff pick


Chromebooks tend to have less internal storage than traditional Windows or Mac laptops, and with microSD card so drop-dead affordable, I’m okay with that, as just about every Chromebook on the planet has a MicroSD slot. Available in sizes up to 512GB, you can expand your Chromebook’s storage as much as you want with a reliable UHS-1 card.

From $8 at Amazon

Easy-stow receiver

VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse


Wireless mice almost always come with a receiver that can easily stow inside the mouse itself, but most store it under the battery cover, which can be hard to get off if you chew your nails like me. This mouse stows it in a slot that sits next to the battery cover, so you can pull it in and out quickly when going between classes at school.

From $11 at Amazon

Compact and cute

Usbkingdom Turtle USB Wired Mouse


If you prefer a wired mouse — that’s okay, I lose those wireless received all the time, too — then this little wired model is specially made for smaller hands and cheerier minds. There are some mice shaped like lions and tigers and bears, but this cute little turtle cheers me on as I crush my homework.

$9 at Amazon

Speak up

Fifine PC Microphone


With so many kids interacting with classmates and teachers through video calls right now, it’s important to get a microphone that makes it easier for your child to be heard and understood. This model from Fifine has a compact, sturdy stand instead of a tripod base, freeing up more space on your kid’s desk.

$41 at Amazon

Long-lasting headphones

Anker Soundcore Life Q10 Bluetooth Headphones


Cheap headphones are a dime a dozen but the Soundcore Life Q10 are worth the small investment because they use USB-C charging — same as any Android phone. They’ll last 60 hours on a single charge so that your child doesn’t need to charge them everyday, and if the battery does run dead you can plug them in like wired headphones.

From $40 at Amazon

Comfy earbuds

AUKEY Key Series B60 Magnetic Switch Bluetooth Earbuds


These earbuds from AUKEY are drop-dead simple to use and you won’t have to worry about your kid leaving them on all night and running down the battery because they turn off when they snap together magnetically. They come with smaller silicone tips with wingtips so that they stay in place more easily.

$40 at Amazon

For the bed, couch, and car

LapGear MyDesk Lap Desk


Take it from someone who spends more time than she should using a Chromebook on the couch or on her bed: use a lap desk to elevate your Chromebook (so you’re not looking down at it awkwardly) and keep it stable on your lap (so it won’t fall over). This model even has cubbies for holding your phone and a snack!

$20 at Amazon

Add up your ports

AUKEY 5-in-1 USB-C Hub


Most Chromebooks students will run across still keep at least one USB-A port around, but if yours doesn’t — or if you want to have a workstation-type setup to use at home with a wired mouse and keyboard — this affordable hub from AUKEY will add three USB-A ports.

$12 at Amazon

Travel friendly charger

AUKEY 60W GaN Power Delivery Charger


The power supply your Chromebook comes with is handy indeed, but it’s best suited to a stationary environment like your desk at home. When on the go, this charger is far less cumbersome to carry; it also has the benefit of being able to use a longer or shorter cable depending on your needs.

$29 at Amazon

Easy carry cable

Anker Powerline+ C to C 2.0 Cable


This is the USB-C cable I carry most often in my own backpack because it can charge a Chromebook at full speed and comes with a handy magnetic and velcro carrying wrap. This cable is flexible without just swinging everywhere, plugs in securely so it won’t go falling out at the slightest touch, and comes in two classic colors.

From $14 at Amazon

Spare storage sticks

JUANWE Metal Key 32GB Flash Drive 5 Pack


While Google Classroom allows you to upload most homework, there are still those inevitable times when you’ll need to hand in a project on a flash drive or share files with a classmate, or to backup your data at the end of the year before you give your Chromebook back to the school. And since flash drives are easy to lose, keep some spare around.

From $14 at Amazon

Keep it safe

WooTeck Rhinestone USB Flash Drive Necklace


When I was in high school, I wore a thumb drive on a necklace so I wouldn’t lose it. My thumb drive looked like a dog tag, but these rhinestone pendant models look much nicer, and are available in five colors and sizes, from 8-64GB. Just be warned, you might develop a lifelong tick of grabbing your necklace to make sure it’s still there.

From $11 at Amazon

Perfect sizes and colors

MOSISO Neoprene Laptop Sleeve with Small Case


Laptop sleeves come in every style and color under the sun, but this two-piece model from MOSISO is great for sliding in and out of backpacks. You can get it in sizes from 11.6 inches up to 16 inches, and I adore having a detached accessory case so that they’re both slimmer and easier to pack in your bag.

From $13 at Amazon

Stylish vertical sleeve

Kinmac Blue Canvas Waterproof Vertical Style Laptop Bag


While sleeves with horizontal zippers — across the fat side of the Chromebook — are the norm, I prefer having the zipper on the short size so that there’s less to zip up, less of the laptop exposed to the zipper’s metal teeth, and less zipper material that can break. The water-resistance is just icing on the stylish cake.

From $10 at Amazon

Ready for life’s chaos

Simple Modern Wanderer Backpack


Made with water-resistant fabric, this backpack can be opened completely flat when you’re packing it and be opened from the sides or top depending on your needs. It also has a separate laptop sleeve so you can stow your Chromebook quickly when moving between classes.

$36 at Amazon

A clean screen is a happy screen

ZEISS Mobile Screen Wipes


Touchscreens work better when they’re clean, and between grime from the keyboard and sweaty, sticky handy, your Chromebook screen could get nasty surprisingly quick, which is why I like to keep one or two of these in my own backpack so I can easily clean my screen when things get gross.

From $7 at Amazon

Keep it clean

Microfiber Mitten Cute Hedgehog 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 Pink Green Blue (Set of 3)


Microfiber mitts are amazing at wiping off dust and clearing up smudged screens, and anything that makes cleaning more fun is a win-win in my book, which is why these little hedgehogs are aces in my book. The three-pack even means that one can live in the backpack and one can live at home!

$14 at Amazon

Be safe out there

Disney Cloth Face Masks (4-Pack)


Disney sells face mask four-packs that range from Star Wars and Marvel themed to Disney Princesses and Classic Mickey. I’ve worn these masks all day in hot Florida theme parks, and they’ll last your kid through the school day no problem. They come in different sizes, but the sizes tend to be a little on the small side, so get Large for middle and high schoolers.

$20 at Disney

The best Chromebook accessories make life easier for your student


There’s a lot of accessories here that can improve your Chromebook and its performance, but the easiest and biggest upgrades you can make here are to get it a microSD card like the uber-affordable SanDisk Ultra to add more storage and to keep a mouse handy for lengthy sessions.

Touchscreens are awesome, and trackpads are okay, but nothing beats a mouse when you’re doing a lot of scrolling or text editing, and the easy-stow receiver on the VicTsing is a bonus for students because you won’t have to go prying off the battery lid every time you take the receiver out.

Keep it clean and safe

If you were issued a Chromebook by your school, you need to take extra-good care of it, especially when simple investments like keyboard covers and water-resistant laptop sleeves are available for super-low prices. Screen wipes and cute microfiber mitts can also help keep things clean overall, just resist the urge to use your handy-dandy Lysol wipes on a Chromebook, especially a Chromebook with a touchscreen. The chemicals in those wipes can degrade the coating on the screen over time.


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