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The best accessories for your Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet


The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a remarkably good tablet and with some of the best Fire HD 10 accessories when you watch shows, look for recipes, read books, or play games, the experience can be even better. Getting the tablet itself is just the start; you’re going to want to snag a few accessories for the Fire HD 10 both to protect it and to give it a unique look, like the MoKo Slim Fold Case. Here are the best things to buy alongside your new tablet.

Best Case: MoKo Slim Fold Case


This folding case is much less expensive than the official case and provides more features. The cover protects your screen from damage and doubles as a stand so you can prop your tablet up without using your hands. Just note that it isn’t designed to hold your tablet up vertically. On the inside you’ll find a hand strap, so you can hold you device more easily while you use it.

The case is designed so that you can still access all the ports and buttons. The vents and speakers are also accessible, so you don’t have to worry about muffled sound or overheating. Since this beautiful case is available in 34 different designs you’ll be sure to find one you like.


  • Inexpensive
  • 34 designs
  • Cover doubles as stand
  • Hand strap


  • Can’t prop up tablet vertically

Best Case

MoKo Slim Fold Case


From $21 at Amazon

An elegant case with different designs

Choose from one of 34 designs to protect your Fire HD 10 tablet. The cover even folds to double as a stand.

Best Kids Case: Finitie Kids Shock Proof Case


This case is made with shock-resistant lightweight EVA durable foam, so it’s designed to withstand drops of all sorts. It’s perfect for little children who are likely to let the tablet slip from their hands. The handle makes it easy to carry and also converts into a hands-free stand, so children can watch shows or play games unaided.

The only downside to this case is that it makes the tablet a lot more bulky. It might not be as easy to store or travel with. Still, it provides plenty of extra protection without costing too much. You can choose between four different colors to get the look your child likes best.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Handle/stand combo
  • Four color choices


  • Bulky

Best Kids Case

Finitie Kids Shock Proof Case


From $26 at Amazon
From $27 at Walmart

Extra protection for a kid’s tablet

This case provides extra protection against drops and bumps. The included handle doubles as a stand.

Best Screen Protector: JETech Screen Protector


You’ll want a screen protector to keep your tablet’s screen unscathed. If you want to avoid bubbles and replacements you’ll love this option. It’s made of tempered glass to protect against scratches, oils, dust and grime. In fact, it provides enough protection to prevent harder scratches like what you might get from a knife. Besides that, glass feels more pleasant to the touch than plastic screen protectors.

It’s a little more expensive than plastic screen protectors, but it will provide better protection and shouldn’t need replacing. Since it’s glass, you aren’t likely to get bubbles when applying it to your device, so that should save you a headache.


  • It’s tempered glass
  • Oil resistant
  • Resists hard scratches


  • More expensive than plastic protectors

Best Screen Protector

JETech Screen Protector


$13 at Amazon
$13 at Walmart

Protect your screen from scratches

This glass screen protector feels pleasant to the touch and will provide better protection than plastic protectors.

Best MicroSD Card: SanDisk 128GB Ultra


The Fire HD 10 tablet can hold as much as 256GB of external storage. This is way more than the average user will need, but it’s nice that you have the option. To take advantage of this space you should consider getting this SanDisk 128GB Ultra microSD card. It provides plenty of space, is highly rated on Amazon, and doesn’t cost as much as other options on the market.

It also comes with an adapter so you can use it with a variety of devices. The only way this could be better is if this were a two-pack.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Comes with adapter


  • Only one microSD card

Best MicroSD Card

SanDisk 128GB Ultra


$23 at Amazon
$22 at Best Buy
$30 at Walmart

Memory for your tablet

This microSD card is decently priced and gives your tablet plenty of extra storage space. It even comes with an adapter.

Best Charger: Anker USB Type C 30W Wall Charger


When Amazon updated the Fire HD 10 in late 2019, it finally updated its charging port from Micro-USB to USB-C. Hallelujah! While the Fire HD 10 does come with its own 9W wall charger and USB-C cord, in order to take full advantage of the increased charging speeds that the USB-C standard promises, you’ll want to pick up a fast-charging brick.

The Anker USB Type C 30W Wall Charger fits the bill and will deliver more than three times the power of the Amazon included charger. Not only will this work with your other portable devices, Anker’s MultiProtect system uses 10 safety features to make sure that your device doesn’t overheat or get damaged in any way while using the charging brick.


  • Very small form factor
  • Blue LED indicates power and helps you see it in the dark
  • Can be used with most devices


  • Doesn’t come with a separate cable
  • Only one port

Best Charger

Anker USB Type C 30W Wall Charger


$23 at Amazon

The speed you need

Quickly top up that big battery on your Fire HD 10 for your next road trip. It also has 10 safety features to protect the tablet.

Why these are the best accessories for Amazon Fire HD 10

There are plenty of different accessories out there for Fire HD tablets. In addition to adding extra protection, you’ll want something that looks good and doesn’t cost too much. We did the research and provided the best accessories from a few different categories for you to choose from.

If you’re looking to protect your new HD 10 tablet, we highly recommend the MoKo Slim Folding Case. The front cover folds over the screen to protect it from scratches. If you want to read, watch a show, or surf the web you can fold the cover the other way to prop your tablet up. There are 34 different designs to choose from so you’re sure to find a unique look that matches your style.



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