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Home News Safeguard your TicWatch S2 with a screen protector

Safeguard your TicWatch S2 with a screen protector

The downside of not having proper protection for your TicWatch S2? Scratching up the flawless screen, of course! With a screen protector, your TicWatch S2 will be safe from impact damage as well as scratches. You’ll prolong its lifespan, too. If you’re looking for a winner, we’ve got some worthy competitors for you to choose from.

Keep it clear

Diruite TicWatch S2 Screen Protector (3-Pack)

Staff pick


You no longer have to fear sharp objects around your TicWatch S2 with this screen protector from Diruite. The high-quality glass material can withstand accidental scratches and scuffs from keys, knives, and other objects. It’s bubble-free and anti-fingerprint, so your watch screen will always be crystal clear.

$6 at Amazon

Solid protection

Orzero TicWatch S2 Screen Protector (3-Pack)


The Orzero screen protector is resistant to scratches from various sharp objects such as keys. The screen protector also comes with an anti-fingerprint coating that’s smooth to touch, which gives you the feeling that you’re touching the original screen. The rounded edges make for a perfectly comfortable fit.

  • $6 at Amazon
  • $18 at Newegg

Self-healing abilities

IPG TicWatch S2 Screen Protector (2-Pack)


The IPG screen protector is designed for wet installation and comes with a set of wet wipes to ensure a successful application. The film even has unique self-healing qualities, meaning that existing scratches and other damage will be repaired over time. It’s also virtually invisible.

$9 at Amazon

A perfect fit

MoKo TicWatch S2 Screen Protector (6-Pack)


This screen protector from MoKo is made of a flexible film that conforms to the round edges on your TicWatch S2. You’ll keep your smartwatch protected from scratches as well as fingerprints, dust, and bubbles. The advanced fitting technology makes it easy to achieve a perfect fit.

$6 at Amazon

Bubbles be gone

Ace Armorshield TicWatch S2 Screen Protector (6-Pack)


The Ace Armorshield screen protector has been carefully engineered to fit perfectly on your TicWatch S2 — in terms of size, installation method, and use of the touchscreen. It’s also anti-bubble and allows you to see your screen fully. If you lose your screen protector, the free replacement program will come in handy.

$8 at Amazon
$20 at Newegg

Ultra-smooth touch

Supershieldz TicWatch S2 Screen Protector (2-Pack)


Don’t worry about losing the original touchscreen experience with these screen protectors from Supershieldz. They’re made from high-quality tempered glass for maximum scratch protection and they’ll leave no residue when removed. It comes with a unique coating to reduce sweat and fingerprints, so your screen stays clean.

$6 at Amazon
$8 at Walmart

Say no to scratches

You’ll know you’ve found the right screen protector for your TicWatch S2 when it’s easy to apply, resistant to scratches, and won’t cause trouble with touchscreen accuracy. Affordability is nice, too. With that in mind, we recommend the Diruite TicWatch S2 Screen Protector (3-Pack). It won’t leave pesky bubbles behind and it’ll keep your watch safe from scratches and damage from even the sharpest objects.

If you’re the type of watch owner who likes to plan ahead and always have a backup plan, the Ace Armorshield TicWatch S2 Screen Protector (6-Pack) is a great choice. As if six in a pack isn’t enough to sway you, you’ll also enjoy an easy installation method, reliable protection, and a free replacement program. How’s that for being protected? Regardless of which option you pick, you can rest easy knowing that your TicWatch S2 will be protected against damage.


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