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Home News Lenovo relaunches Yoga laptops with Intel 11th-gen, AMD Ryzen 4000 CPUs

Lenovo relaunches Yoga laptops with Intel 11th-gen, AMD Ryzen 4000 CPUs

Lenovo’s Yoga lineup is getting a major upgrade to the latest processors from AMD and Intel, bringing more performance.

Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger Lake processors will be available on the new Yoga Slim 7i and the Yoga 7i, while the Yoga Slim 7i Pro and the Yoga 6 will ship with AMD’s latest Ryzen 4000 series mobile processors.

Lenovo Yoga 7i and Slim 7i

The Yoga 7i is an update of Lenovo’s current Yoga C740, a popular choice for laptops under $1,000. Lenovo will again offer the Yoga 7i in two screen sizes, either 14- and 15.6-inch. Both convertible models feature support for Dolby Vision, with the larger model also adding VESA 400 DisplayHDR support on an FHD panel.

The new Yoga 7i convertible comes with some enhancements that make it faster and easier to start working on your laptop, like a new Flip to Boot feature that begins booting up the system once the lid is opened. The laptop comes with Thunderbolt 4, which suggests that it will ship with Intel’s Tiger Lake processor, though Lenovo only coyly stated that the notebooks will debut with the latest Intel CPUs that are coming soon. Along with the new Intel platform, you can expect Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, support for Amazon Alexa, and front-facing speakers with Dolby Atmos tuning.

Lenovo says these notebooks come with a slightly larger 70-watt-hour battery, up from a 60-watt-hour battery on the prior generation, so you can expect longer battery life on a single charge. Lenovo claims you can get up to 16 hours of battery life on the larger model, which comes in at just 0.69 inches thick in a body that weighs just 3.15 pounds. Lenovo added that the bezels have been reduced by 20% for a more modern look. The laptops will be available in Slate Gray and Dark Moss.

To handle the added power, the latest laptops come with Lenovo’s A.I.-enhanced Intelligent Cooling mode, as well as Lenovo Vantage Smart Performance Services, which takes a proactive approach to helping you stay on top of the health of your device with regular tune-ups, malware and adware removal tools, and diagnostics to address potential hardware problems.

The Yoga 7i series will arrive in November, and prices start at $799 for the larger model and $849 for the smaller 14-inch configuration. The company says not all models will be available in North America. Stateside, customers should expect just the Yoga 6 and both sizes of the Yoga 7i.

Lenovo Yoga 6

The Yoga 6, which is an update from the Yoga C640, boasts AMD’s Ryzen CPU. Lenovo is going for a more tactile experience with the Yoga 6, which features a striking Abyss Blue fabric covering on the top cover, and a 2-in-1 form factor that makes it easy to convert between laptop and tablet modes thanks to the 360-degree hinge. Lenovo claims the Yoga 6 also features metal materials in the construction as well.

The laptop ships with a Ryzen 7 4700U mobile processor, features a 60-watt-hour battery that promises 18 hours of battery life, and comes with integrated Radeon graphics. The lightweight laptop weighs just 2.9 pounds and comes with enhancements like a built-in fingerprint reader for added security.

The 13-inch Yoga 6 features a FHD touchscreen and integrated webcam with TrueBlock privacy shutter. Notetakers can use an optional digital pen to jot or draw on the screen, and the convertible comes with up to 16GB DDR4 memory and a 1TB PCIe M.2 solid-state drive.

The Yoga 6 will be available in November starting at $699.

Global Yoga

The larger Yoga Slim 7i Pro, which won’t make it to the U.S., features a beefier AMD Ryzen 9 4900H Series processor, deeper 1.3mm key travel on the keyboard, and a 14-inch display. The display supports 100% of the sRGB color spectrum ,along with Dolby Vision technologies. It is also available with discrete Nvidia GeForce MX graphics. Like ithe Intel-powered Yoga Slim 7i models, the Yoga Slim 7i Pro also features an IR webcam with Windows Hello integration.

The Yoga Slim 7i is powered by Intel in an all-metal clamshell design, with Intel’s integrated next-generation Xe graphics and Thunderbolt 4 support. It has a 13.3-inch QHD display that measures 0,55-inch thick and weighs just 2.7 pounds.


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