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Home News Keep your Note 20 shatter-free with these screen protectors

Keep your Note 20 shatter-free with these screen protectors

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has become well known for churning out big phones with big screens, and the Galaxy Note 20 is no exception to that rule. Touting a 6.7-inch AMOLED display with slim bezels all around, the Note 20 has a great canvas for watching movies, playing games, taking notes, or whatever else you want to do. If you want to be sure it stays in tip-top shape for years to come, you need to pick up one of these screen protectors.

It’s all here

LK Film Screen Protector (2-Pack)


Staff Pick

Kicking off our list, we have some film screen protectors from LK — one of the most-trusted brands in the screen protector world. These protectors are fully compatible with the Note 20’s in-screen fingerprint sensor, are easy to install, have self-healing tech for light scratches, and you get two at a great price. Not to mention, LK even includes two protectors for the rear camera bump!

$15 at Amazon

Awesome value

HATOSHI Film Screen Protector (3-Pack)


If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, turn your attention towards what HATOSHI is offering. Here we have a bundle of three screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 20, with each one being super high quality. HATOSHI promises excellent transparency, reduced fingerprints, precise cutouts, and full-screen coverage thanks to the curved edges of the protectors.

$10 at Amazon

Complete package

BAZO Film Screen Protector (2-Pack)


Another great deal you don’t want to overlook is this two-pack of film protectors from BAZO. BAZO’s screen protectors are rated to work with virtually all cases, offer high sensitivity for undisturbed performance, and can heal small scratches within 24 hours. Similar to the LK protector bundle, BAZO also includes two protectors for the Note 20’s camera bump — something that could come in handy.

$11 at Amazon

Hard glass

Luibor Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3-Pack)


Switching gears to look at tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 20, Luibor has a bundle of three that could be a perfect fit. Tempered glass protectors offer better scratch-resistance compared to film ones, with Luibor also offering a case-friendly design, a waterproof coating, and a very simple install process. It’s not the cheapest option on our list, but three glass protectors at this price is pretty great.

$14 at Amazon

Install with ease

UniqueMe Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack)


We hate to make a pun this cheap, but UniqueMe’s glass protectors are rather unique. This bundle gives you two tempered glass protectors for the Note 20’s display, along with two other protectors for the rear cameras. You get the usual promises of high durability and a premium user experience, but what we’re especially fond of is the included installation frame to make sure everything lines up perfectly.

$10 at Amazon

High-quality pick

ESR Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack)


ESR has proven to know a thing or two about making high-quality screen protectors, with its tempered glass offering for the Note 20 being no different. ESR is selling two glass protectors at a pretty good price, and they’re among the nicest you’ll find. Whether you want full coverage for the entire screen, fingerprint sensor support, a free installer tool, or all of the above, ESR has you covered.

$14 at Amazon

Plenty of Galaxy Note 20 screen protectors to choose from

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 is an incredibly capable phone, and while you can use it without a screen protector, we certainly don’t recommend it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices that are out there, keep it simple and just buy the LK Film Screen Protector (2-Pack). LK’s film protectors are among the nicest out there, the protectors for the camera bump are actually really nice, and the fact that you get two of each is fantastic.

For shoppers that want to keep costs lower, you can’t go wrong with the HATOSHI Film Screen Protector (3-Pack). The price is lower than the LK offering, and while you don’t get any protectors for the camera housing, you do get three screen protectors.

Looking at the tempered glass camp, we’re quite fond of the UniqueMe Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack). Getting two screen and camera protectors at this price is an insane deal, not to mention the free installation tool. It’s a small thing to include, but it makes installing the screen protectors so much easier.


Best cheap phone plans that use the T-Mobile network (October 2020)

T-Mobile is one of the most popular wireless service provider in the United States, but it’s not the company to use its towers. Indeed, many brands and services pay for access to its network.Each of these mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) offers their own rate plans, phone selection, billing, and customer service. These companies simply rely on T-Mobile for cellular coverage.We’ve gathered up some of the cheapest rate plans you can find for the various carriers that use T-Mobile’s network. This isn’t every option available, but rather a list of the ones we like best. Many of the carriers who use T-Mobile allow for Bring Your Own Device meaning you can keep the phone you have.Editor’s ChoiceMint MobileIntroductory Unlimited Plan ($30)The great thing about Mint Mobile is that it gets cheaper the longer you commit to using the service. As if that weren’t appealing enough, it offers an introductory discount for signing up.Indeed, you get unlimited data each month at just $30 per month. Once the first 90 days are up you only spend $40 for the same plan if you renew for three months. That’s still incredible, and better than most here. Sign up for a full year in advance and it’s yours for $30 per month.Get This Plan!Consumer CellularUnlimited Talk & Text + 3GB Data Plan ($30)For $30 per month subscribers receive unlimited talk and text with 3GB of data. Given that the carrier’s target demographic is for senior citizens this ought to be plenty of data. In a related note, AARP members can save 5% on their monthly bill.Get This Plan!Google FiUnlimited Talk & Text w/ 2GB Data ($40)The great thing about Google Fi is that you only pay for the data that you consume. While we pegged this particular option at 2GB of high-speed data, you could go higher or lower.  Data is just $10 per gigabyte and it’s prorated and/or refunded each billing cycle. Click here for a referral credit of $20 upon staying active 30 days.Get This Plan!Metro10GB High-Speed Data ($40)With considerably much more data than most other carriers at this price point, the Metro plan gives users 10GB of 4G LTE to consume. And, to make things even better, the music streamed over 40+ services doesn’t even count against usage.Get This Plan!Net10$20 Unlimited Plan ($20)Among the cheapest rate plans you’ll find with “unlimited” data, this $20 option gives subscribers 2GB of high speed access. Hit the threshold and speeds are slowed to 2G for the rest of the month, but that might not matter to its target users. Also comes with unlimited talk and text.Get This Plan!Republic WirelessUnlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB Data ($25)As a service that relies on Wi-Fi for coverage first, it’s a wonderful option for consumers who spend much of their day on hotspots and wireless routers. For your money you get all the talk and text you can handle plus 2GB data. While these rates are already competitive, you can save even more by opting for the annual plan.Get This Plan!Simple Mobile$25 Unlimited Plan ($25)Customers have unlimited calling and messaging in this plan, plus up to 3GB of data at 4G LTE speeds. Worried about overages? Fear not. Once you hit the data limit speeds are slowed for the remainder of the billing cycle. Save a few bucks on your first three months and get the plan at just $20 per month.Get This Plan!Straight TalkUnlimited Plan with 5GB ($35)Pick up unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of high speed data for the price of a steak dinner. Of course, you can have more data after hitting the threshold, but it’s slowed to 2G for the rest of the billing cycle. Save a buck on your plan each month by signing up for automatic refills.Get This Plan!

Metro Buyer’s Guide (October 2020)

It might surprise some of you to know that companies like Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless operate on the Sprint and AT&T networks, respectively. These network operators license the towers and coverage from the tier-one providers and offer their own phones, rate plans, and customer service.Let’s take a look at another, similar situation. Metro, formerly known as MetroPCS, is a prepaid brand that uses T-Mobile’s network for coverage.About Metro and its networkFounded in 1994, the carrier ultimately merged with T-Mobile in 2013 and became one of the first companies to offer unlimited data plans. Although it was first established as General Wireless, it later changed to MetroPCS; in late 2018 it was changed again to Metro by T-Mobile.Thanks to T-Mobile, Metro gets to lay claim to being the first MVNO or prepaid brand to offer 5G. Its nationwide coverage went live in early December, 2019.What are Metro Rate Plans?Things are pretty simple when it comes to rate plans at Metro. Customers choose from four options with prices starting at $30 per month. Taxes and fees are included so the monthly bill is nice and flat.Rate Plans$30 – Unlimited talk, text, and 2GB high-speed data$40 – Unlimited talk, text, and 10GB high-speed data (with unlimited music streaming)$50 – Unlimited talk, text, and unlimited high-speed data (with 5GB hotspot and 100GB Google One)$60 – Unlimited talk, text, and unlimited high-speed data (with 15GB hotspot, 100GB Google One, and Amazon Prime)What about multiple lines?Metro’s multiple line plans are rather straightforward, too. It’s as easy as picking the starting plan and adding the number of lines. There are discounts applied for each additional phone number, with them priced around $30 a piece, on average.Which major prepaid carrier has the best $40 rate plan?Are there any special deals at Metro?Certainly. There are a number of options available from Metro, including discounts, free phones, and bundled rate plans. Things are always subject to change, especially around holidays, so be sure to check the dedicated deals page.How is Metro’s phone selection?Metro offers a decent array of phones, from very basic from brands you might not be familiar with, up to current flagships. Interestingly enough, there’s a decent selection at the upper end, particularly the Samsung Galaxy S20 and newer iPhones.Keeping pace with its growing 5G coverage, Metro has added a number of phones with support for the faster nework.Tips for buying a used phoneWhere can I buy an unlocked phone?Cheap cell phone plans that use the T-Mobile networkCan I use my own phone with Metro?Do you already have a phone or possibly looking to buy an unlocked device for use on Metro? If the equipment is GSM unlocked, or previously used on T-Mobile you can order a SIM card if you wish to bring your own device. Check to see if your phone is compatible.

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