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Home News Boost Mobile's latest deal shrinks your phone plan to $35 per month!

Boost Mobile’s latest deal shrinks your phone plan to $35 per month!

The days of spending hundreds on your phone plan are over — or at least, they can be. Boost Mobile is home to five different phone plans offered at less than $50 per month, and thanks to its latest deal, you can score one of the best plans at a $10 discount every month.

Normally priced at $45 per month, Boost has a plan which offers 15GB of 4G LTE data each month along with Unlimited Talk and Text. However, right now the company is offering to drop the price of that plan down to just $35 per month, every month, after you’ve made six monthly payments on time. You don’t have to wait six months to start seeing a discount either, as the plan will see a $5 price decrease after you’ve made three payments on time.

This plan at Boost also comes with Mobile Hotspot access. Shopping for your phone service at Boost is stellar as there are no service contracts and 99% nationwide coverage. Plus, taxes and fees are included in the price you see on the page so there are no shady charges once you receive your final bill.

If you don’t already own a phone to use on Boost’s network, you can purchase one at Boost Mobile along with your phone plan. There are some deals you can score currently, including $100 off the iPhone SE or iPhone 11, $70 off the Samsung Galaxy A11 or Galaxy A21, or $60 off Coolpad’s Legacy SR.

Then again, if you’re still unsure of which device to buy, we have an entire guide dedicated to helping you make that decision. The best Boost Mobile phones in 2020 takes you through six outstanding options that you really can’t go wrong with. Though the Google Pixel 3a made the top of the list, the Pixel 4a’s release may deem this guide worthy of a major update.


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