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Home News Are you a fan of the Note 20's Mystic Bronze color?

Are you a fan of the Note 20’s Mystic Bronze color?

Let’s chat with the AC forums.


As we’ve hinted at before, Samsung regularly does a good job of concocting gorgeous colors for its new smartphones. There are a few different options available for the Note 20 series, with the flagship color being Mystic Bronze.

Mystic Bronze has a super sophisticated style that looks incredible without being overly gaudy. We’re especially fond of the frosted matte finish Samsung used for it, which is a huge improvement over the glossy glass of years past. Samsung’s making a big deal about the color, going as far as to offer it for the Fold 2, Watch 3, Tab S7, and Buds Live.

A lot of our AC forum members have been sharing their thoughts on Mystic Bronze, saying:

08-09-2020 05:57 PM

Someone said it looks pink in person.


avatar2561462_4.gifTarah Sorber
08-09-2020 06:41 PM

It didn’t look pink to me it was a deep Bronze


08-09-2020 07:48 PM

Wife really likes rose gold. Has a bunch of it. This phone for sure looks like rose gold to us when we were handling them at BB. She’s She’s quite happy about that. I ordered black, but am thinking about switching to the “bronze” for its non-smudge finish.


08-09-2020 08:08 PM

Definitely doesn’t look pink to me. Copper would be the best way to describe it.


Now, we want to hear from you — Are you a fan of the Note 20’s Mystic Bronze color?

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