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6 Popular Digital Currency Websites That You Should Visit Regularly

Cryptocurrencies are now not only buzzwords, they have become one of the primary investment assets for many investors. Due to the popularity of the crypto market, there are thousands of digital currency websites available on the internet. So getting the right information is very crucial for investment and trading.

However, following multiple sites is not possible and not even useful. To help you find relevant and useful information on different cryptocurrencies, you can visit the following websites regularly. 


Coin Desk is one of the best cryptocurrency news websites. This provides useful information on cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and blockchain technology. There are more than 10 million visitors to the site. The writers of these sites are highly professional in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The quality and standard of content on this site are like the popular digital media companies such as The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg. 

More importantly, the site also provides teaching on Blockchain. But the dedicated sections for education is limited to the basics of blockchain, Bitcoin, Ehterum. You will find recent updates on all the bitcoin events. You can bookmark the Coin Desk for the latest information on cryptocurrencies.

Coin Telegraph

Coin Telegraph is also one of the best cryptocurrency websites like Coin Desk. It covers the most relevant and useful updates on cryptocurrencies. If you want to work in the crypto industries, then you should visit the Coin Telegraph regularly. This site is not only for crypto news but also provides learning materials. You can learn many important things about the crypto industry by following the dedicated learning page. It offers you indebted knowledge for investing and trading bitcoin. 

The specialty of the cryptocurrency site is it provides the latest information on ICOs. It has a separate section named ‘ICO Calendar’ where you will find the information on the latest ICOs. As a result, you can compare different ICOs in one place before investing.

Again, you can find the best performing cryptocurrencies of the day in the heat map at a glance. More importantly, there is a dedicated part that shows weekly price analysis of the major crypto coins. 

Crypto Coin News

Crypto Coin News or CCN provides insightful and latest news about cryptocurrencies. Many get confused this site with the news site CNN, so this is not a fake site of CNN. This site is primarily focused on blockchain and bitcoin. The content of the sites is written in-depth and you can insights on reliable market forecasts. 

The specialty of CCN is that the content of this site is curated by blockchain experts. You will get high-quality, insightful, and most relevant information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain in this site. Further, it has also a section where it provides information on the latest ICOs. 

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the second most popular and best smart contract developer crypto network Ethereum also provides great information on Medium. He shares the challenges of blockchain technology and how to overcome them. He primarily writes about the jargon that is used in the crypto community. One of the best things about him is he alerts the public about any crypto scams. 

Bitcoin Magazine

If you want to get information only about bitcoin and the underlying technology, then Bitcoin Magazine is the best blog. You don’t get any other news that is not related to bitcoin. So this is especially dedicated to bitcoin and blockchain technology. 

There is a separate section for learning about blockchain technology where you can learn about it. However, the site has a low engagement rate as there is no comment section on the website. 

News BTC

News BTC is one of those top cryptocurrency websites which provides information on technical analysis for different cryptocurrencies. This site divided the news into different categories such a bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain technology. This is one of the best websites for beginners who are just entering the crypto space. 


No matter whether you are just a beginner or a professional trader, you will need the latest updates about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Follow the bitxt Bot site to connect with some of the profitable bitcoin traders. Now bookmark the above sites and visit them regularly to stay updated about the cryptocurrencies. 


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