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You need to see this ergonomic office gear if you’re working from home

Working from home can be a daunting thing if you’ve never done it before, but truth be told, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, as someone that’s been working from home for a few years, it’s can be great. However, that does come with a big caveat — you need the right gear. Specifically, you need to invest in an ergonomic chair, keyboard, and mouse. That might seem like overkill, but trying to work from a dining room chair and using the cheapest mouse from Walmart will put endless strain on your body. To prevent that from happening, here’s the gear we recommend picking up.


Best for most

Smugdesk Ergonomic Mesh Chair


Staff Pick

When it comes to the best overall ergonomic office chair, the Smugdesk Ergonomic Mesh Chair is hard to argue with. There’s a lot on offer here, so let’s dive right in. Right off the bat, Smugdesk offers full lumbar support to make sure you’re comfy at all times. The waist pillow can significantly reduce spine fatigue, the armrests are adjustable, and you can recline the chair up to 117-degrees. Backing up your purchase is Smugdesk’s professional customer service team.

$220 at Amazon

Lovely leather

OFM Essentials Collection ESS-6060


Not everyone likes mesh chairs, and that’s perfectly alright. If you’re someone that’d rather have a leather chair, OFM has you covered with the ESS-6060. The ESS-6060 is an ergonomic champ, thanks to its integrated headrest, lumbar support to ease the pressure on your lower back, padded armrests, and ample cushioning for your rear. OFM says its chair can roll for over 40 miles, can survive a 300-pound drop test, and has been tilt-tested 100,000 times.

$182 at Amazon

On a budget

Furmax Office Mesh Chair


We have no doubt you’ll be pleased with Smugdesk and OFM’s chairs, but at the same time, we also understand that those price tags aren’t for everyone. If you want a trusty office chair but need something more affordable, this option from Furmax is fantastic. Available in seven stunning colors, Furmax’s chair comes with lumbar support, an ultra-thick cushion for enhanced comfort, and is made out of breathable mesh. For the price, it’s tough to beat.

From $55 at Amazon
$50 at Newegg

Striking design

Homall Gaming Office Chair


Racing-style chairs are often used by popular gamers/streamers, and they also happen to be excellent for ergonomics. This model from Homall is available in a ton of different colors and has an immediately-striking design. Its steel frame allows for top-notch durability, the shaping sponge used for the seat is extremely comfortable, and you can tilt the back of the chair 150 degrees. On top of all that, it comes in at a great price.

From $130 at Amazon
$130 at Newegg

Find your zen

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair


Balance ball chairs certainly aren’t for everyone, but if you want something that can help you improve your well-being and state-of-mind while working from home, this classic pick from Gaiam is the way to go. Gaiam’s chair comes with a free air pump to get it all set up, and once you start using it, you should notice higher energy levels and improved productivity. It’s a different take on ergonomics compared to these other picks, but for some, it might be perfect.

$70 at Amazon

The king of office chairs

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair


When talking about ergonomic office chairs, we have to mention Herman Miller. Herman Miller makes the very best chairs on the market, with the Aeron Task Chair being especially awesome. Not only does the chair have a clean and modern design, but it’s also outrageously comfortable. You can place it in one of three reclining positions, the angle of the seat is adjustable, and you have full control of the armrests. If you can afford it, Herman Miller won’t let you down.

$1,445 at Amazon
$1,973 at Walmart


The one to get

Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard


Staff Pick

Kicking off our picks for the best ergonomic keyboards, we turn our attention towards Microsoft with its Sculpt Keyboard. The Sculpt has a split design that aims to make your typing more comfortable and less stressful on your body, and it’s honestly great. You’ll also find a large wrist wrest, giving you a comfy typing experience from all angles. Speaking of angles, you can adjust the reverse tilt to prop up the bottom of the Sculpt for improved wrist support.

$67 at Amazon
$70 at Walmart
$66 at Newegg

Ride the wave

Logitech K350


If you like the idea of an ergonomically-designed keyboard but need to stick to a tight budget, Logitech has you covered with its affordable K350. The K350 has a wave design with Logitech’s “Constant Curve,” which promises to bring your hands comfort and joy even during extended typing sessions. This is another keyboard with a cushioned palm rest, and the dedicated number pad on the right makes this perfect for folks that work with numbers a lot.

$37 at Amazon
$37 at Best Buy
$50 at Walmart

If you have a Mac

Keychron K2


There are a lot of excellent keyboards out there, but not all of them are designed with Mac shortcuts and keys in mind. If you work from a Mac and want something better than your aging Magic Keyboard, the Keychron K2 is for you. It’s a wireless mechanical keyboard with proper Mac keys, and it works seamlessly with macOS. You can get it with Blue, Brown, and Red mechanical switches, there’s RGB lighting, and the typing experience is out-of-this-world good.

$95 at Amazon
$150 at Newegg

Rising champ

Logitech MX Keys


Keychron has made the K2 one of the more popular keyboards on the market right now, but there’s another one that’s gunning for it — the Logitech MX Keys. The MX Keys has a more traditional design than our other picks, but for some people, that’ll be preferable. With this keyboard, Logitech is really stressing its “perfect stroke keys” for responsive typing, automatic backlighting, and multi-device support. You can also get it with an optional palm rest for extra comfort.

$100 at Amazon
$100 at Best Buy
$100 at B&H

Rising champ

Kinesis Freestyle2


Going back to more whacky designs, we need to mention the Kinesis Freestyle2. This keyboard looks unlike anything else, featuring a split design that’s available in 9-inch and 20-inch separation variants. The idea behind the Freestyle2 is that you can move and rotate the different sections to find a placement that feels the most natural and comfortable for the way you type. It’ll take some getting used to, but if you commit to it, it has loads of potential.

From 89 at Amazon
$104 at Walmart
$89 at Newegg

Keep in cheap

Arteck Wireless Keyboard


Lastly, we want to highlight a keyboard that keeps costs as low as possible without compromising your typing experience. Enter the Arteck Wireless Keyboard. Made out of a stainless steel frame, Arteck designed its keyboard to be incredibly durable and sturdy throughout all kinds of use. Low-profile keys mean you get quiet and comfortable typing, the battery only needs to be recharged every six months, and you get a full-sized number pad. You can’t go wrong.

$37 at Amazon
$72 at Newegg


It’s just so good

Logitech MX Master 3


Staff Pick

Without a doubt, the MX Master 3 is one of the very best mice you can buy. Period. Logitech has refined its MX Master mouse over three generations, and this latest version is the best it’s ever been. The MX Master 3 is extremely comfortable to use, offering a sculpted design that your hand won’t be able to get enough of. Magspeed scrolling allows you to fly through websites, there are endless customization tweaks to make, and it can be paired with multiple devices.

$100 at Amazon
$100 at Best Buy
$100 at B&H

Flip it around

Logitech MX Vertical


Logitech has a few different mice in its MX series, another one being the MX Vertical. As the name implies, this is a vertically-oriented mouse. Why would you want that? The MX Vertical places your hand in a handshake position, specifically at a 57-degree angle. This helps to prevent any twisting of your forearm and can reduce muscle strain by up to 10%.

$91 at Amazon
$92 at Best Buy
$92 at B&H

The one with the trackball

Logitech MX Ergo


The third and final MX mouse worth considering is the MX Ergo. You’ll find a similarly-sculpted design compared to what’s on the MX Master 3, with the biggest difference being the inclusion of a trackball on the side. Combine that with a tilting design that can shift the mouse up to 20-degrees, and it results in 20% less muscle fatigue compared to a regular mouse.

$98 at Amazon
$100 at Best Buy
$98 at Walmart

Affordable vertical

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


If you like the idea of the MX Vertical but can’t justify its price tag, Anker has your back. Just like the MX Vertical, Anker’s mouse has a vertical orientation for improved ergonomics and comfort. You get the same handshake position for your hand, along with easy access to the scroll wheel and convenient page buttons. If you’re interested in mice like this, give Anker a look.

$26 at Amazon
$26 at Newegg

Ultra minimal

Microsoft Sculpt Mouse


We already mentioned the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard above, so we might as well make it complete by also talking about the Sculpt Mouse. The design of the Sculpt is incredibly minimalistic, but there’s more going on than meets the eye. The design is very ergonomic by nature, with a “thumb scoop” offering natural postures for your hand and wrist. The angle and height of the mouse are also designed to enhance your comfort even more, so there’s a lot going on here.

$41 at Amazon
$41 at Walmart
$50 at B&H

Dirt cheap

TeckNet Pro


Last but certainly not least, budget shoppers should consider the TeckNet Pro. This is the cheapest mouse on this list by a considerable margin, but despite the ultra-low price, it’ll do a good job at keeping your hand nice and comfortable. The left side has a slight indent for your thumb, there are convenient side buttons for navigating website pages, and TeckNet has tested the mouse for 6,000,000 keystrokes. In other words, it’s built to last.

From $13 at Amazon
$23 at Walmart
$20 at Newegg

Don’t underestimate the importance of ergonomics


Even if working from home is just a temporary thing for you, we still think it’s worth investing in some ergonomic gear. You don’t necessarily have to buy a new chair, keyboard, and mouse this very second, but it’s worth considering if you want to get the most out of your situation.

When it comes to chairs, the Smugdesk Ergonomic Mesh Chair is a rock-solid purchase. It has fantastic lumbar support, a multifunction headrest, high-quality mesh, and is relatively affordable considering everything it has to offer.

Microsoft comes out on top for the keyboard section, with the Microsoft Sculpt being the best overall keyboard for your home office. The split design is a staple for ergonomic keyboards, as it offers a more natural and pain-free typing experience once you get the hang of it. Add that together with the generous palm rest, and it does a great job at justifying its price.

And, of course, there’s the Logitech MX Master 3 as the mouse camp. This is a staple piece of gear for a lot of people that work from home, and there’s a good reason for that. The MX Master 3 feels great in the hand, is incredibly precise, and has tons of ways for you to customize it to ensure your workflow is as smooth as can be.


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