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What does Anti-Glare Coating Mean?


If you are a person who often buys glasses then you must be familiar with the terms like anti-UV, anti-scratch or anti-glare coating. Have you ever pondered what anti-glare means?

Anti-reflective coating or anti-glare coating is applied to glasses to eliminate undesirable reflections to give you a better and clear vision. Glare can be uncomfortable to the eyes and can create difficulty in viewing things. A thin layer is added to the lens on the front and the back to remove glare and halos around lights during night-time.

Pros of Anti-glare Coating

1.      Clear Vision

Whenever a bright light passes through spectacles, the lenses reflect that light and it doesn’t pass through the lens completely. The greatest advantage of anti-glare coating is that it helps maximum light pass through the lens, hence providing a better vision.

They do not guarantee a 100% visible light passing through them but it surely makes a difference.

2.      Significant Reduction in Eye-Strain

The reduction in glare gives a smooth visual experience resulting in less eye strain and dry eyes. If you are someone who works in front of a laptop all day, doctors recommend anti-glare glasses with blue light filter coating to give utmost comfort to the eyes.

3.      Easier to Clean

The surface of anti-glare coating repels oil and water which makes them easier to clean.

It also prevents the formation of water droplets or water stains from hampering the vision.

Although it is a standard rule not to touch your lenses with your hands, fingerprints do not show on glasses with anti-glare coating.

4.      Works well for Night-time Drivers

Driving for people with prescription glasses at night can be a little risky if they do not have anti-glare glasses. The street lights or the headlights can reflect on the glasses making the vision a bit blurry which can end up in huge mishaps.

Sunlight can have the same effect as the night lights, so it is equally important to wear anti-glare glasses during the daytime too.

5.      Makes you look Social

Reduction of glare lets the other person see your eyes. Eye-contact becomes stronger in a professional and social setting. Even taking pictures becomes easier with no flash reflected on the lenses.

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