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Train to be your most productive self with the help of these five apps


We sometimes hate to admit it, but we’re not always productive as we should be. Sometimes, even if we claim to be masters of multitasking, we still tend to spread ourselves a bit too thin, leading to burnout and extreme exhaustion. But the key to preventing this from happening repeatedly is to work smarter and not harder, and the Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle contains all the secrets to enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Available on sale for only $79, this bundle nets you access to five highly-rated apps that can turn you into something akin to a superhuman — a total productivity machine. You’ll get a lifetime subscription to Utalk which lets you master any two languages of your choice in a way that no other language learning app can, and lifetime pass to 7 Speed Reading, a tool that can help you to read up to 3.471 with 100% comprehension. You’ll also be granted lifetime access to Integrity Training, a platform that offers on-demand training on a wide variety of topics, including IT certification, project management, business and soft skills, sales and marketing, design, big data, programming languages, blockchain development, and more.

And because you can’t be productive if you’re not physically and mentally healthy, you’ll also get a lifetime subscription to MindFi, an app that helps you decompress and boost your focus, as well as a lifetime subscription to Fitterclub, a fitness program that will help you whip yourself back into shape.

For a limited time, you can get all these apps for only $79 and be well on your way to becoming superhuman.

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.


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