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Top Applications for Dyslexic Children to Study Better

Unfortunately, a lot of students suffer from learning disabilities, such as dysgraphia and dyslexia. These disabilities have a deteriorating impact on the reading, learning, and the spelling capabilities of the students. When the students are in school, they massively depend on learning via reading and writing. So, at this time, those students who have no learning disabilities are at a clear advantage over those who have dysgraphia and dyslexia. However, with the advancement in technology, there are different applications, which help in bridging the gap between the students and help them accelerate their overall learning experience. Here, we’ll discuss some of these applications with you.  

Google Play Books

A lot of students who have dyslexia struggle with image processing or writing. Hence, such students need to look for applications, which make learning processes a lot simpler. The Google Play Books is an e-book application, which is excessively helpful for the dyslexic students, owing to its feature of translating text-to-speech. Anushka, an educator and a mother of a young dyslexic child, who works with TFTH,says that she’s been using Google Play Books as her resource application for her daughter for the past one year, and it is certainly very useful. With the application, the children who struggle with reading texts can hear the e-book via the feature of the application, which says, “Read Aloud.” The application also has additional features, such as annotation tools and synchronized highlighting, which help the students with words that they do not understand instantly. 

Ghotit real writer

This application was designed as a tool to help the dysgraphic and dyslexic to improve their writing. The app has an intelligent contextual spell checker, which is integrated into it. Surprisingly, the algorithm of this checker is phenomenally advanced. With the application, it would be easier for the students to avail of a better understanding of homophones, badly spelled words, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. Furthermore, the application has a detailed word prediction feature. Moreover, the proofreading option of this application is incomparable. The corrected words can be instantly defined and looked up via the dictionary, which is integrated within the application. 

Dragon Anywhere

When the student is unable to write easily, it can have a disastrous impact on his student and academic life. At this time, using an application like Dragon Anywhere can be helpful. Tamanna, who recently reached out to Top Assignment Experts for the top-rated do my homework service by TAE,says that in addition to taking help from a platform like TAE, she’s using the app Dragon anywhere as it helps her son generate texts via speaking instead of typing. It is an incredibly useful application for young children with learning disabilities.  

Explain everything

It is one of the finest applications, which can help dyslexic students express their thoughts and ideas via visual content. With the application, you can incorporate information into the slides by way of the infinite canvas by drawing in any color. You can also add shapes, videos, texts, and images, as required. It is a perfect application for personal use as well as for teaching students who have learning disabilities. This application will certainly do its bit by bridging the gap between students with dyslexia and their peers. 


It is one of the most superior educational applications, which has been massively applauded by the students in the past few years because of its phenomenally useful features. Quizlet is a great application for dyslexic students, and it helps them memorize and study better. After you make an account with them, you can create your study set and practice the same via different methods, such as games, audio, texts, and visuals. Diana, an associate of EssayWriter4U,says she and her daughter have tried multiple applications, but none like Quizlet. It is the interactive aspect of this application, which adds to its popularity, and makes it perfect for dyslexic students who are unable to cope up with the traditional learning methods practiced by the schools. The good thing is that you can even use this application offline for several different purposes, such as learning new languages, preparing for examinations and tests, memorizing or learning new words.


One subject that most dyslexic students struggle with is mathematics. Be it, processing formulas or handwriting, all dyslexic students will find the Modmath application particularly useful. The application employs speech-to-text features, which helps the students verbally speak out the mathematical problems. This application is capable of solving basic math problems, such as square roots, multiplication, fractions, and complex algebraic equations too. Modmath was developed by the parents of a dysgraphic child who was long-struggling at his school. They wanted to improve the experience of their son as well as everyone who suffered from a similar issue. Though there are a few in-app purchases, the primary features of the application are all free to use. Danny, a representative of TrumpLearning,says that it was quite late that he realized that his child had learning disabilities, but when he did realize it, he wanted to do everything he could to streamline the learning experience for his child, and the first step was certainly downloading the Modmath application. 


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