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This $30 Course Bundle Can Help You Avoid Cognitive Bias and Make Smarter Decisions


While we like to think of ourselves as logical thinkers, science tells us that the brain can easily be influenced. The Mastering Cognitive Biases Bundle helps you avoid the pitfalls, with five hours of highly-rated instruction for just $29.99.

For early humans, coming to quick conclusions was essential for staying alive. As a result, our brains learned to judge first and ask questions later. In the modern world, however, it’s more important to weigh up the evidence and come to the right conclusion.

Through four separate courses, this bundle helps you train your brain for logical reasoning. Through concise video lessons, you learn about cognitive bias, information overload, and false memory — just some of the factors that can lead to bad decision making. The tutorials show you how to tackle each of these issues, using conscious mind hacks and mental cues.

You also learn how to build rational arguments, make sense of a huge amount of information, and analyze your own decisions. These skills are invaluable in any walk of life, whether it’s personal or business.

The courses in this bundle all have stellar ratings above 4 stars, and you can study at your own pace with lifetime access.

Order now for just $29.99 to get the training, worth $796.



The Mastering Cognitive Biases Bundle – $29.99See Deal

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