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These cases will keep your Moto E (2020) looking fantastic for a long time

For years, the Moto E has been a fan-favorite for offering a decent smartphone experience for just a fraction of the cost of the flagships. The new Moto E (2020) is no different, as you’ll get an additional camera sensor, paired with a great display and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. With a phone this feature-rich, it’s important to keep it protected. These are the best Moto E (2020) cases you can get right now.

Note: It’s early days for the Moto E (2020) right now, and many well-known accessory manufacturers have yet to reveal their cases for this incredible budget device. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check Amazon for other options. This list will be constantly updated with new top picks.

Classic look

Dzxouui Shockproof TPU Case


Staff Pick

The Dzxouui Shockproof TPU Case may be tough to pronounce, but the case works perfectly for protecting your new Moto E. The case gives you precise cutouts for all of your ports, including the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. And since it’s made from a TPU material, this case is sure to keep your Moto E chugging along even after a drop.

$8 at Amazon

All the armor

Tekcoo Dual Layer Armor Case


It’s important to protect your investment, and some folks are more clumsy than others. That’s where the Tekcoo Dual Layer Armor Case comes in, as this includes a soft TPU inner shell and the backplate is made from both polycarbonate and TPU for added protection and grip.

$8 at Amazon

Flower power

Fotosuncy Floral Armor Case


With Fotosuncy’s Floral Armor case, you get more than a boring old plastic shell, as there’s a beautiful rose pattern on the back. Surrounding the edges is a TPU bumper, paired with a polycarbonate backplate for the best protection.

$10 at Amazon

On the belt

CoverON Explorer Series


CoverON is known for making some solid and protective cases, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Explorer Series. This case comes in either Camo or Black, and sports a combination of TPU and polycarbonate materials. Plus, there’s a built-in kickstand and you’ll even get a belt clip holster.

$11 at Walmart

Shine through



What’s the point of getting a new phone with a great design, if you’re just going to cover it up and hide its beauty? Well, with the SKTGSLAMY Clear Cover, you don’t have to sacrifice protection, as this case is completely clear and is made from TPU for shock absorption. There are even built-in air pockets in all four corners to add some extra protection if you drop your phone.

$4 at Amazon

No nonsense

Dahkoiz Armor Defender


With the Dahkoiz Armor Defender, your phone is sure to withstand just about any situation. There’s a TPU inner shell paired with a hard polycarbonate back plate which gives you both protection and reduces the fear of your Moto E slipping out of your hand.

$8 at Amazon

Metal but not

Sucnakp Brushed Metal Case


Sucknakp’s Brushed Metal case may look like your phone is being housed in a piece of metal, but you won’t have to worry about the added weight. There are sleek carbon fiber accents at the top and bottom, along with raised edges around the display, camera module, and fingerprint scanner.

$8 at Amazon

Fashion and funtion

Leychan Airbag Cover


Some cases feature a unique pattern or design on the back but hide what your phone actually looks like. That’s not the case with the Leychan Airbag Cover as there are three floral patterns to choose from, all while making it possible to still show off your phone. And all four corners have “airbags” to ensure that your phone won’t break from a fall.

$7 at Amazon

Two piece bliss

Aeska Heavy Duty Defender


The Aeska Heavy Duty Defender does a fantastic job at protecting your Moto E without needing to worry about anything. This two-piece design sports a unique pattern around the bumper, a clear back plate, and the front just snaps into place after your phone is placed in the back piece.

$10 at Amazon

Ridges for the win

Sucnakp Shock Absorption Case


Sucnakp’s Shock Absorption case focuses a bit more on the grip and feel of the case compared to others. On the back, you’ll find a pattern of ridges along the bottom, designed to not only let your hand breathe while holding your phone, but to add some extra grip. And since the case is made from TPU, it will do a great job at providing some shock absorption but the company also offers a three-year warranty.

$8 at Amazon

Almost Bedazzled

CoverON Aurora Series


Let’s be honest. A lot of cases out there are boring, and while they may keep your phone safe from life, they don’t really look that good. With CoverON’s Aurora Series, you’ll get the best of both worlds, as this case is made from two pieces for added protection, and comes in five different designs.

$10 at Walmart

Elephant strong

SYONER Elephant Cover


They say that Elephants are some of the smartest animals, so why not get a case that protects your smartphone with some help? There’s a cute elephant and floral pattern on the back, and there’s a soft TPU frame for added grip, along with an acrylic back plate for all the rest.

$9 at Amazon

New wallet time

Feitenn Slim Folio


The problem with some wallets is that they are just too bulky and that goes the same for wallet cases. Thankfully, that’s not much of an issue with the Feitenn Slim Folio wallet as this case sports an ultra-thin design. Inside the flap there is a card holder, and a the magnetic flap ensures that your wallet case stays closed when it needs to.

$10 at Amazon

Glitter bling

Dzxouui Quicksand Glitter Case


With the Dzxouui Quicksand Glitter Case, you’ll not only get a case that provides great protection, but one that also has a pretty awesome glitter design. The glitter in the back of the case floats and moves around as you use your phone, while sparking and shimmering when it catches the light. Plus, all four corners are reinforced to offer as much shock absorption as possible.

$9 at Amazon

Even more protection

SunStory Double Protection Case


It’s not fun when you have a great new phone with an awesome design and end up having to cover it up with a case that you’re on the fence about. That’s not a problem with the SunStory Double Protection case, as you’ll get reinforced TPU corners for shock absorption and ridges on the sides for improved grip. The case itself is completely clear, except for the quicksand glitter that moves around on the back of the case.

$9 at Amazon

Protect the screen

HNHYGETE Slim Fit Case w/ Screen Protectors


When it comes to finding a great case, there are quite a few decent options out there but most of them are lacking screen protection. With the HNHYGETE Slim Fit Case, you’ll get a solid TPU case with perfect cutouts for all of your buttons, along with two screen protectors. This gives you 360-degrees of protection without the worry of whether your the edges of your case will interfere with the screen protection.

$8 at Amazon

Brushed window

PULEN Brushed Bumper Cover


The PULEN Brushed Bumper Case has a pretty awesome design for those who enjoy the look and feel of carbon fiber. With PULEN’s case, you’ll get precise cutouts, a lightweight and soft mateiral and there’s a pretty sweet-looking “window” on the back that has a different texture than the rest of the case.

$7 at Amazon

On your wrist

Harryshell Kickstand Protective Wallet with Wrist Strap


We use our smartphones so much that it’s important to keep them in our hands as much as possible, even when not in use. The Harryshell Kickstand Wallet makes this easy with the included wrist strap, while sporting three card slots on the inside flap. There’s even a thin pocket behind the card slots if you need to carry some cash or receipts.

$10 at Amazon

Pick the right case

Despite there being a slew of cases available for the Moto E (2020), it’s pretty easy to pick the Dzxouui Shockproof TPU Case as our favorite. You’ll get a classic design, precise cutouts for your ports, and the company offers a money back guarantee. Plus, the case doesn’t hang over the edges of the display too much, so just about every screen protector will work just fine.

For those who either want more vibrant colors or more protection, you can’t go wrong with the Tekcoo Dual Layer Armor Case. This case features a soft TPU inner shell for shock absorption, along with a hard polycarbonate back plate for more protection. And that doesn’t even include the unique ridged pattern on the back to add some extra grip.


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