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Our Picks Of The Best Picture Cross Mobile Games Today

Picture cross or picross, hanjie, nonogram, paint by numbers, and griddler are just different names for a puzzle game that requires you to fill in specific grid squares resulting in a beautiful piece of pixel art. But choosing the best picture puzzle game is somewhat challenging since there are dozens of them across every platform. So we’ve found five fantastic picture cross puzzle games that’ll offer you distinctive gameplay and totally keep you engrossed in every challenge. Let’s begin:

1. Nonogram.com by Easybrain

Every picture cross or hanjie game has the same primary built – you’ve got rows and columns in the form of a grid, outside of which are numerical clues that help you fill in each cell. You’ll find tutorials in every game, but the Nonogram.com app has a very quick and easy to understand tutorial. If you haven’t ever tried any such game ever in your life, try this hanjie puzzle. It’s a solid choice for both beginners and pro players –fun to play, fewer ads, calming visuals, and polished experience.

2. Picture Cross by AppyNation Ltd.

This one’s another excellent app that takes you right into the world of picture cross games. You have coins, collectibles, daily puzzles, amazing themes, and great gameplay. The more you play, the more tokens you collect, and the more you’re able to spend on different levels.

3. Falcross by Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi

Falcross is a fabulous puzzle that offers modern gameplay with its colored grids instead of traditional black and white ones. It has easy controls, an appealing interface, and thousands of fantastic hanjie puzzles.

4. Griddlers Plus by PuzzleHouseApps

This one comes with both colored and black and white griddler puzzles. You get to choose from different sizes to vary the complexity level. Hints get you out when you’re stuck, and in fact, you can also create your own puzzles. No in-app purchases, no full-size ads, and great controls. You’ll love it!

5. Nonogram by EasyFun Game

This nonogram or hanjie puzzle is exciting and engaging – not too challenging, but you’ll certainly enjoy the app. If you love playing relaxing logic puzzles, give this one a try, and you’ll be addicted. The music is soothing, and there are five different difficulty levels to choose from.

So which of these is the most perfect and universal hanjie game? Well, it depends pretty much on what you’re looking for and which one you understand better. But our top picks are Nonogram.com if you’re looking to experience the purest form of the game and Falcross if you’re more wanting to try out a conventional picture cross puzzle. These are great, the aesthetics are excellent, and they are free! There is a wide arrange of video games out there for any player, and you must try them!


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