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Must I Pay for a Text to Speech Software?

Nowadays, many people will only use a service when it is free or free for some days before payment is being requested. You might easily get discouraged if the first notification that welcomes you on a website is a display asking you to select a payment choice before you continue. This applies to several texts to speech converters. They promise to offer even better service if you opt for their paid options. Despite this offer looking so enticing, it is not always valid in all cases.

If you look closely, there is a higher probability that you will find all you need with the free version of some software. Converting your text to voice online does not have to be that difficult. You can still get outstanding results without paying a dime, depending on what you need it for. You just need to check for a few metrics before you decide to pay or not.

Major Software Qualities

Before you subscribe to the premium services of that website, there are some major qualities you need to examine. The availability or unavailability of these qualities will determine the outcome of your conversion. First, you need to confirm if the software has a standard voice editor like the popular SSML support. The voice editor lets you add various changes to your converted text properties to suit your preference.

For instance, with this editor, you change the articulation of the wordings to sound more appealing to the audience you wish to present the resulting audio file.

Secondly, confirm if the software enables you to copy and paste your content for easy conversion. Either of these options will help you determine the rate and speed of your conversions.

Provision of Human Voices

Using human voices to articulate your conversion will add immense value to your converted texts. Many free websites will only offer you a series of robotic voices to pronounce your texts, which might sound unappealing to your hearing. Using the free version of the sites should not be an excuse not to access human voices for your conversion project.

Some platforms will provide you with at least 50—60 human voices to choose for your text to voice online conversion. You will also get to choose different genders, accents, and backgrounds to add any vibe that fits your conversion.

Downloading Features

Now that you have confirmed the attributes mentioned above, it is time to determine whether you can successfully download or save your file. With the free version of some software, you can only play the audio file but cannot save it. While some will allow you to save the audio file, but in another format apart from mp3. The most versatile and widely accepted audio format across a wide range of devices is the mp3 format.

Not saving your audio output in this format can waste all your efforts from the very beginning. Hence, it is unnecessary that you outrightly pay for a text to speech converter. You just need to ensure that the services available can meet your needs.

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