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Keep track of what’s going on in the world with the best news apps

Keeping informed on the go is one of the many things that our smartphones are incredible tools for. During the everyday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to ignore the world around you, but the news is everywhere, including on your phone. These are the best news apps for your Android device today!

Get quick headlines

Google News


Staff Pick

In addition to giving you quick access to the top daily headlines, Google News has a “For You” tab that provides news that you care about. The app is free, and while it doesn’t exactly replace Google Reader, it does a pretty good job at everything else.

Free at Google Play

As robust as you want



Inoreader is a fantastic RSS reader and service that makes it easy to build your own newsfeed. And you aren’t forced into paying a subscription unless you want more features like notifications or an offline mode. Plus, you can use Inoreader on your phone or your computer with the Web version.

Free w/IAP at Google Play

On-device RSS

Flym News Reader


Flym News Reader is a unique RSS reader as it does not sync with any services like Feedly or Feedbin. Instead, you can go through and any of your sources, and they will be saved right to the app. Then, the articles will update and appear as soon as they hit the website you are following.

Free at Google Play

Available everywhere



If you prefer to get your news delivered in RSS form, Feedly is pretty much the default choice these days. Rising from the ashes of the Google Reader shut down, Feedly has evolved and refined its service and app, and it’s a pretty good choice all round.

Free w/IAP at Google Play

Personalized curation

Yahoo News


Yahoo News has become a fan favorite with its curated sources from top news outlets around the globe. In addition to live video feeds, you can customize which sources show within Yahoo News to personalize your newsfeed.

Free at Google Play

New-age magazines



For many, Flipboard is the default news app for Android. It’s been around for a while and was one of the first apps to make reading the news less boring with its image-heavy, magazine-style layout.

Free at Google Play

All the Android news

Drippler for Android


It can be tough to keep up with the world of Android news, but with an app like Drippler, this task is made a bit easier. Drippler curates news, tips and tricks, and much more from all of your favorite Android news sources while providing great design and even some widgets.

Free w/IAP at Google Play

News in channels



Just as the name implies, the SmartNews app is designed cleverly, so that you can quickly read all the latest headlines from around the world. News categories are displayed as “Channels” at the top of the screen, giving you the option to swipe through them one by one or tap on a specific channel.

Free at Google Play

For the big screen

Must for Movies & TV


With all of the different video streaming platforms, it can be tough to keep track of what’s coming and when it’ll be out. With an app like Must, those concerns are put to rest as this acts as a social media network for movies and TV shows.

Free at Google Play

Live updates



When news breaks, chances are that it broke via Twitter somehow. With 240 characters, Twitter has become “the place” to learn about everything that is going on in the world, and with live updates, you’ll never miss a beat.

Free at Google Play

Save it for later



Pocket has become a favorite amongst news-readers for the ability to save articles to read later quickly. Plus, there is a curated “best of web” section, which will provide you unique news articles that you might not have otherwise heard or seen.

Free at Google Play

Local or Worldwide

Haystack TV


It can be tough to find an app that not only lets you read sources from various news outlets across the globe. But Haystack TV does that and pushes the envelope by giving users access to more than 300 channels to watch the news from your area or anywhere in the world.

Free w/ Ads at Google Play

Get your news in a few different ways


The list of good news apps can go on and on for days, as there are many different ways to consume “news” nowadays. This is a good problem to have as you can find the best news app to consume information in a way that you enjoy.

Google News has been around for quite some time, but it was left untouched for far too long. Then, Google decided to give it a much-needed and much-deserved facelift, and it has become the de-facto news app for many. This is largely in part to the curation provided and the personalization options that are built right in.

On the other hand, Inoreader, is for the more “power users” who are looking for more from their news app. You can customize your newsfeed to show exactly what you want, and there are plenty of integrations to save content for later with the help of Evernote, Dropbox, and more.


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