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Just $1 gets you three months of SiriusXM streaming and an Amazon Echo Dot

SiriusXM is giving interested listeners a chance to try out its streaming service for three months for just $1. Better yet, you’ll get an Amazon Echo Dot included for free. The deal allows you to try out either the Essential or Premier streaming plan for the same price with both being eligible for the Echo freebie. You’ll receive a coupon code that can be redeemed at Amazon for the smart speaker.

You won’t be charged anything other than the $1 upfront for your first three months of service, though after the trial, the Essential streaming plan will bill you $8 per month or the Premier plan will cost $13 monthly. You can choose to cancel the service before then at no penalty if you don’t want to keep it active.

Given those regular monthly costs, you’re saving at least $23 on the SiriusXM subscription with this deal and getting a $50 Echo device thrown in at no extra cost. The best part about this package is that you’ll be able to listen anywhere via the SiriusXM app on an Android or iOS device, or online at its website. You can, of course, enjoy SiriusXM around the home with your new Echo Dot and even tune to channels using just your voice with Alexa.

SiriusXM’s Essential plan includes over 300 channels consisting of various music genres, talk radio, comedy, sports, and more. It doesn’t include the two Howard Stern channels, though opting for Premier will get you those as well as Sports Play-by-Play. You subscription can’t be used with your car’s satellite radio, though, with an in-car subscription required for that.


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