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How to watch MLB: LA Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks online

The 2020 Major League Baseball season is well underway now, and if you’re looking for a way to watch the LA Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks livestream online today, then you’ve found the right place. This four-game series starts tonight and runs through Sunday. In-person attendance won’t be happening at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, but you can still catch all the action with ESPN+. Read on to find out more about the Diamondback’s home opener and how you can watch it online.

Game 1 Date & Time: Thursday 7/30, 9:40 p.m. ETGame 2 Date & Time: Friday 7/31, 9:40 p.m. ETGame 3 Date & Time: Saturday 8/1, 8:10 p.m. ETGame 4 Date & Time: Sunday 8/2, 4:10 p.m. ETLocation: Phoenix, ArizonaStadium: Chase Field

How to watch MLB: LA Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks livestream online in the U.S.

All four games of the MLB: LA Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks series will take place at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, with this serving as the home opener for the Diamondbacks. Last season, both teams finished at the top of the National League West Division, with the Dodgers taking first place but ultimately getting knocked out of the 2019 National League Division Series by the Washington Nationals.

The 2020 Major League Baseball season is arguably the strangest one in decades, with the ongoing public health crisis causing delays that resulted in the season being shortened from 162 games to just 60. The 2020 MLB season started last week and ends in late October, and this shorter run may prove to bring out some unexpected strategies and surprises from the various teams.

The Dodgers, a well-established team with five World Series victories to its name, has already started the year strong with multiple wins, including two over the Diamondbacks during the pre-season Summer Camp games. Arizona is the definite underdog going into this four-game series, but with a home team advantage this time around, the Diamondbacks could be poised to turn the tables and rack up some wins.

The MLB: LA Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks livestream starts this evening at 9:40 p.m. ET, with the series running from tonight through Sunday. If you’re looking around for a way to watch the Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks online, there’s no better (or cheaper) way to do it than by signing up for ESPN+. This streaming service gives you access to the 2020 MLB season games along with a ton of other live events, analysis, exclusive shows, and much more for just $5 per month or $50 per year.


How to keep track of all relevant finance news

Today, the abundance of media outlets is overwhelming. Where should you get your finance news? It is easy to get lost in all the reports and articles unless you have a system of indicators to trace. Forex trading app will inform you of all changes vital for traders in South Africa. It also allows asset management on the go following the latest updates. Here is how to stay in the loop at all times.Updates from SitesIf you have already chosen your favorite sources of financial data, add them to your browser bookmarks. Checking them regularly can become a useful habit, as long as the amount of resources is limited. Members of the online trading community can get essential updates on foreign currency markets through CNN, Financial Times, and all major outlets.When looking for the best media outlets, consider the least biased ones. Political agendas may cause newspapers to present information in a certain light only. A sign of objectivity is the inclusion of different, even conflicting points of view. Some websites can send you automatic updates. These can take the form of handy push notifications for your smartphone.Famous News AggregatorsDevoting attention to several sources can be time-consuming. Instead, you may opt for a comprehensive source. Websites like Google News are aggregators, which means you can see the freshest content from all major channels in one place.Aggregator platforms offer news in a range of categories, and navigation is facilitated by the menu. Hence, through a single site or app, you may receive the most important updates concerning the most important fields of finance. These options are simple to access, which is why it is preferred by so many users.Convenient Google AlertsUpdates from Google are convenient, as they notify you of news related to your chosen subject. For instance, traders who manage portfolios with shares and indices may program the system to keep track of the latest movements on the stock exchange. The features will let you know when relevant content appears. You will never miss important articles, photos, or videos.Advanced Finance AppsToday, the global financial markets are often a tap away. Through an efficient app, you may trade modern instruments, manage your account and control all deposit and withdrawals. Clients of FXTM who use MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 can close positions opened via the desktop platform, and vice versa.The app is packed with cutting-edge charting tools and indicators that facilitate decisions. Overall, over 250 financial instruments are in the palm of your hand. Given the rise of multitasking, the popularity of such aids is no surprise.Specialized Finance PodcastsContrary to what you may hear, podcasts are very much alive. Look for content created by finance professionals and feature credible guest speakers. They can teach you new skills and provide in-depth analysis of current market trends.Podcasts are especially handy when you have no opportunity to read. For instance, you may listen while driving or waiting in line. Since our smartphones are always with us, podcasts are available whenever you need them, and they may be combined with other activities.Traders can find dedicated series that will help them make prudent decisions. When assets are traded, short-term changes in the market can be vital. It is essential to stay informed. For example, currency traders must keep track of major changes in the countries connected to their chosen pairs. As most of these are valued against the US dollar, news concerning the health of the American economy is always relevant.RSS (Rich Summary Site) ReadersThese handy tools can be installed on desktop and mobile devices. They allow you to receive news selections customized according to your preferences. Based on RSS feeds from sites, dedicated apps provide convenient delivery of relevant updates.To find the feeds, google “RSS + name of the website”, or search on the platform manually. The link or links you find should be copied into the RSS program or app. Done!The Bottom LineFor any finance-savvy individual, keeping track of news is crucial. Luckily, the internet has given us a wide abundance of sources, which are all accessible at the click of a mouse or a tap. Mobile apps, plugins and alerts deliver customizable updates. Traders working on the global market must base their decisions on thoughtful analysis of the latest changes. For them, platforms and apps provide comprehensive informational support.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

Aipower Wearbuds Pro campaign announced

Aipower announced the Wearbuds last June, which, as the name suggests, were true wireless earbuds attached to a fairly basic smartwatch. We thought the Wearbuds were fine in our review, but we looked forward to a future iteration as first time products are bound to have issues and shortcomings.Now, those wishes have come true with the announcement of the Aipower Wearbuds Pro.The Aipower Wearbuds Pro boast enhanced sound quality with a Graphene Dynamic Driver, Qualcomm aptX audio, Bluetooth 5.0, and ability to be used independently of one another.The watch itself has heart rate, sleep, and fitness tracking as well as notifications, music playback, and ability to accept or reject calls.The Indiegogo campaign is available here for an early adopter price of $89. Units are expected to ship in October.  

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