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How to watch Bush perform live tonight: Stream the concert from anywhere

2020 has brought on one of the greatest shakeups ever to the live music industry. Thousands of shows across the world have been postponed or cancelled, though thanks to modern technology, the show can still go on — online, that is. We’re about to see a major advance in livestreaming technology as various companies and music labels vie for the attention of millions of listeners stuck at home. FanTracks is one of the first to push livestreamed concerts to the next level, and its concert with Bush is just the beginning.


You’ve probably watched at least one performance this year of some musician recorded with their phone. Sometimes the audio is choppy, or the video is poorly lit, or they’re interrupted by their dog… FanTracks is giving artists another option and bringing professional, full live shows to your mobile devices so you can see and hear your favorite musicians in crystal clear 4K with premium sound production.

The first FanTracks show features multi-platinum British hard rock group, Bush, set to play a 70-minute live set to celebrate their new album The Kingdom. The show will feature full lights, 4K multi-camera angles that you can switch between, and SONIC 360 premium sound.

FanTracks featuring Bush: When and where

The Bush concert by FanTracks begins at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET on Saturday, July 18. This special one-night-only event is completely free, though you will need to register at the FanTracks website to receive the password needed to view the show. Once it begins, you’ll be able to watch via the Bush website using various mobile devices including your phone or computer.

How to watch FanTracks featuring Bush live stream

This will be one of the easiest concerts to get to in your life. This live show featuring Bush is free to watch once you RSVP for the event on the FanTracks website. You can tune in here when it kicks off at 6 p.m. PT and watch it live from your favorite device, or check in early for the virtual lounge. If you are unable to view the website due to a location restriction, try out a VPN service so you can get access today.


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