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How to Recruit the Right Employees for Your Startup

The success of your business largely depends on the ability of your team to translate goals into results. So, whether you are expanding your business or you need to fill in for an employee who left your company, you will need to do recruitment right! The problem is that there is a lot of competition in the job market and it is easier said than done.

Most startups struggle to find and hire the ideal candidate for the job, with the big fish often attracting top talents. You need the right recruitment approach, and this is what this article is all about.  Let us give you some essential tips to help you recruit employees for your startup.

Craft targeted job description.

Writing a well-thought-through job description is the initial step in the talent acquisition strategy. Most job seekers will look for clarity in the job advertisements; to understand if what they are looking for is what you are offering. Most job seekers will often be keen on finding out about the profile of your business brand, the pay scale, and the likes.

As a smart executive recruiters, you should create a clear picture of what the potential candidate will expect. To do so, you can include the following details in the job advert:

  • A brief description of a typical working day
  • How you measure employee performance at the workplace
  • Why you are the ultimate employer to work for
  • The right contacts in case candidates have questions.
  • The steps that follow in the hiring process after applications are processed. Tell the candidate if they will be contacted, or they need to speak to the hiring manager regarding their application statuses.

The key is to create an image of your company in terms of your company culture, size, and the reasons you are an outstanding employer. That way, you will manage to appeal to the right candidate both at a personal and professional level.

Advertise on the right platforms

A recent study revealed that one in six job seekers found their last job through social networks. That shows that such networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are now playing a huge role in connecting you to your potential employees. So, posting a job opening on the job websites alone will not suffice! You will need to increase your search reach by using your social media platforms.

Tips: You need to invest in the right tech to help you hire and cut on turnovers. For example, you need to add onboarding tools in your HR tech stack. It is one of the people operations platform that can help you improve your onboarding experience for new hires. You can use other tools, including job aggregators, testing and assessment tools, Applicant Tracking Systems, Recruitment CRMs, Human Capital tools, and much more.

Maximize on the employee referral program 

Your employees can help you attract the right talent. They portray the brand of your company to the world and also reflect your company culture. They help you find the right fit in several ways:

  • They add a human touch to your employer brand: best talents are known to value the brand image of the companies they are working for. These candidates will tend to look at the image of your companies through your employees. It is then they can make a conclusive decision on whether to work in your organization or not.
  • Your employees have great networks: Your employees will likely know potential candidates who will perfectly fit into your company culture. Your employees can help you share information about open job positions in your company to potential candidates. This will save you the time and monetary resources that could be used in looking for the right candidate.

Offer competitive perks and benefits

Great talents have high expectations of what your company will offer them beyond a paycheck and a steady job. Again, you need to create an attractive company culture that offers competitive perks and benefits to the right employees. These may include:

  • Health insurance
  • Remote work option
  • Paid Time Off
  • Food
  • Flexible time off among others

Tip: Try to find out what competitors are offering for similar positions. Although your company may not offer everything, there is no doubt that you can offer competitive packages to beat off your direct competition.

Final remarks

As a startup owner, you should know that employees form an integral part of your company. You have to lower employee turnover if you are to grow. It all starts with proper recruitment strategies, using tailored onboarding programs for new hires, and inculcating ways to keep your talents motivated. 


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