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How Machine Learning Helps SEO Professionals

Machines will always require humans to work behind the scenes, and now SEO professionals can rely on machine learning to draw more traffic. In recent years, Google has incorporated the use of RankBrain to improve online search returns. The world of SEO has even expanded beyond increasing traffic through just keywords. While that may still be useful, to stay ahead of the curve, you must adapt and move with the latest trends.

The significant difference between using machine learning and keywords is that searches now rank according to their concept. You might have come across an article that didn’t turn out to be very helpful once or twice during a search. Sites with those types of content are about to relocate to the last page of Google’s algorithm.

In this article, we’ll be covering what exactly machine learning is, and how does it give you an advantage in SEO?

What is machine learning?

As of 2018, the global datasphere contained 33 ZB (zettabytes) of digital data. IDC has predicted that by 2025, it will hold up to 175 zettabytes. The job of an SEO professional is sorting through that data to make yours stand out. A human marketer can’t sort through all that data alone. Hence, we’ve come to rely on machine learning.

Machine Learning is a kind of AI that analyzes data and learns from its analysis to improve future methods. It is unique in that its algorithm is continuously learning on its own and expanding. In light of machines getting better at deciphering what their user wants, it falls on marketers to create content that meets these wants.

Relationship between SEO and Data Science.

SEO is essential in the field of marketing. As such, it has grown into a viable career for many individuals and agencies. Over 800,000 professionals on LinkedIn work in some form of SEO related services. Another 8,600 of them specify it as their primary service. Globally, these numbers are much higher and are estimated to be over 3 million and around 25,000, respectively. 

Some fall under content creation, technical analysis, site developers, consultants, marketing strategists, and many more. So the industry has grown considerably in recent years and shows no signs of receding anytime soon.  With the amount of data increasing daily, they are professionals in this field and are growing more critical. Yet the gap between demand and supply remains vast, as 59% of companies report they don’t have a data scientist.

How does machine learning give you an edge in SEO?

While any career in SEO is quite viable, following current trends and projections, implementing machine learning with SEO, can work to your advantage. Here’s how:

Better performance in your field

Results highly drive both employer and client-based process. Learning to use machine-learning-powered tools in your specialty can give you an edge over the competition. The age of machine analysis is already here; professionals who know how to use these SEO related tools are already setting themselves apart from the crowd. It doesn’t matter if your field is paid search, link building, content creation, or technical SEO, knowing the nitty-gritty of machine adds value to you. We are in an era where HTML tags matter more than ever. Learning to work tags like title, meta, body, and figure to your advantage is highly significant.

Stay ahead of the curve.

Searches are continually evolving. Waiting to find out what customers think before proceeding with production can put you at risk of being left behind. One of the top SEO agency is Joel House SEO Launceston, learn more about how machine learning can help your site stay on top. Marketers utilizing these power tools can get updates about customer needs in real-time. That gives them the advantage of creating and dispersing the right content, the minute it is requested. Being able to satisfy your user’s needs ahead of the competition can give you the extra push you need to be your client’s number one provider.

Scaling your efforts

Being able to scale your efforts, by producing more from less time and energy, increases your value in the market considerably. Machine learning is great because it gives us the ability not only to sort but also to use more data than we could ever humanly go through. It is this actionable insight that sets marketers using machine-powered-enabled-tools apart from the rest. What might take one year of processing, machines can do in mere days. Apart from the increased speed, they also help eliminate human errors. Ingrained opinions or views do not taint their results. Their conclusion is the pure, unadulterated truth, which can improve your rankings and customer advocacy when used correctly.

Capacity for expansion

Becoming proficient at the intricacies of machine learning opens up a new horizon for expansion in your professional field.  Through the valued insights and large analyzed datasets, you have access to more intelligence and an edge over manual analysis.  With your experienced insight and knowledge, you can decode which outputs are useful and apply them in real-time. During crises like the Corona Virus pandemic, you can quickly adapt to new market behaviors. Simultaneously, machine learning can tell you what is happening and how customer patterns have changed. What you do with that information and how to use it are still mostly dependent on your choices. Areas and opportunities that require improvement are pointed out by the machine, and humans complete creative strategies to capitalize on such gaps.


People will always be part of the process when it comes to SEO. Machines cannot replace human insights and experiences, and the decision on what to do next will always lie with the professionals. We cannot be taken out of the equation when it comes to training, explaining, and sustaining our AI counterparts. It is necessary to embrace that while machines give us an advantage by scaling our performance. They still rely on human creativity. All we can do is upgrade our skills to progress as they do.


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