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Home News Google just sent us a photo of its upcoming Nest speaker

Google just sent us a photo of its upcoming Nest speaker


What you need to know

  • Google sent us a photo of its upcoming speaker.
  • The speaker stands vertically and looks like a squared-off Nest Home Mini.
  • It’s probably called the Nest Home and will be unveiled in October with the Pixel 5.

After today’s unflattering regulatory leak of its upcoming speaker, Google decided to take matters into its own hands by releasing a photo and short “supercut” video showing it off in a more manicured light. It reminds us of another controlled leak from last year…

The speaker, which stands vertically and appears to be wired, resembles the modern woven mesh aesthetic that’s pervaded the company’s product line in recent years, including the Nest Home Mini that replaced the aging Google Home Mini last year.

Here’s a video, which makes it seem portable (Bluetooth?) and dockable. Looks a hell of a lot better than the leaked regulatory photo from today, which is 💯 why they sent it pic.twitter.com/8LbXOyqB70

— Daniel Bader (@journeydan) July 10, 2020

At first, the video makes it seem like the speaker could be portable, which makes sense given the size and form factor, but there doesn’t appear to be a dock underneath it when it’s standing on a surface, which would likely eliminate that possibility. If it is in fact portable, though, it would have an internal battery and will likely support Bluetooth playback, like the counterparts in Google’s current lineup.

The video also suggests that, like the company’s current line of speakers, it will also support stereo pairing.

We don’t know the speaker’s name or how much it will cost, but you can make an educated guess that it will be called the Nest Home, as it’s being positioned as a replacement to the 2016 Google Home, which was discontinued earlier this year.

In the meantime, you can grab a Nest Home Mini in the same Sky blue as the one above for just under $50.


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