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Home News Eric J Dalius: How is technology impacting small businesses?

Eric J Dalius: How is technology impacting small businesses?

Using technology for business is no more a choice but a necessity without which it is neither possible to start any business nor make it survive. No matter how small your business venture might be, you cannot take it off the ground without using technology. Computers are an essential requirement for business today as also the internet. Similarly, there are numerous business software and web-based applications for creating a digital entity of businesses by converting the business processes into computer-friendly modules to run the business more efficiently and increase productivity and sales.

Technology does a lot of good for small businesses, but you must be careful to avoid the adverse effects by selecting the tools and software not only aligns with the business goals but helps to realize it. Another critical factor as per Eric J Dalius is to adopt technology in the right way so that it benefits business.

What the right technology can do for businesses will become clear from this article.

Share and collaborate

 The secret of success for small businesses is to work very closely with clients and provide the products and services that they find valuable or their lifestyles.   To deliver the right product or service by transforming the ideas into reality, business owners must collaborate with their employees and third-party vendors.  Online communication through e-mails and instant messenger tools helps in the immediate connection between stakeholders and sharing of information as well as gathering feedback to produce the most useful products or services. Project working has become easy by using some web-based applications that facilitate collaboration and sharing for putting the best ideas at work.

Flexible work environments

The involvement of business owners, as well as employees, increases significantly by using technology for business that allows round the clock working opportunities to all even from remote places. The flexibility will enable companies to have better control over the deliverables as well as hire talent from across the world who can contribute online to make the business grow and prosper.

Online stores

The cost of starting a business has reduced considerably, especially for small companies, because it is now possible to set up online stores at a fraction of the cost of setting up a physical store. It has also paved the way for many people to become entrepreneurs by utilizing their talent to provide some useful product or service to customers. As shopping online is gaining high traction and more and more consumers are turning to the internet to make purchasing decisions, it becomes imperative for businesses to create an online entity and start online transactions while reaching out to a broader section of the audience. By exploring new markets that are not physically accessible.

Better consumer connects

Technology allows small businesses to connect with consumers more closely and interact with them personally to gather valuable feedback about their business performance and work for improvement. It provides enormous opportunities to read the minds of customers that help to give them a better experience that goes a long way to improve the business results.

Having the right technology is extremely important for small business success.


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