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EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset review

Headphones come in a wide variety of designs and usage cases. Suffice it to say, there’s not really a “one size fits all” for very many of us. The headphones we use at the gym might not be the same ones we’d turn to for long-term playlists or online gaming.

Then there’s the topic of budget. Not everyone can afford a pair of premium cans for queuing up The Dark Side of the Moon.

Finding the right model, and doing so within a reasonable budget, can be tough. Fortunately, there are brands like EKSA who create products that are not only flexible but which also stay on cheaper side of things. Take, for instance, its new E900 Pro.

What is the EKSA E900 Pro?

The EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset is a well-crafted tool that every gamer needs in his or her inventory. This listening device performs extremely well, and unlike most gaming headsets you see, comes with completely detachable and customizable setup options to ensure that it can be applied to any audible experience.

The E900 Pro are versatile; it can go from being traditional headphones plugged into a phone one moment to a gaming-ready headset with a noise-canceling microphone for a PC the next.

What’s included in the box?

The headset bundle comes with the headphones, a detachable microphone, a lockable auxiliary cord, a USB-C to USB 3 adapter, and an auxiliary to audio and microphone splitter adapter. All of which can all be carried in its leather drawstring bag.

Included with this headset and its physical accessories is a code for redeemable surround sound driver software that will enhance your gaming or casual listening experience, an extendable warranty (up to 24 months), and a redeemable gift option of another EKSA item (storage pouch), and a 40% coupon to be applied to your next purchase.

Let’s talk setup

The setup is simple: all you have to do is unpack the headphones and cords, plug them into the appropriate ports, and start playing.

It took me a couple of minutes to do that, but once you’ve associated yourself with each accessory, it’ll be super easy to take out and set up.

The additional 7.1 Surround Sound software (which sadly only works with Windows users) can be downloaded on the Eksa website. The type of surround sound (Old vs Pro) depends on your unit’s serial number and seems to be randomly assigned.

How about the design?

The design of these headphones is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. The E900 Pro are extremely clean, polished-looking, compact, and easy to carry around. The red emblem on the outsides lights up if your USB cable is plugged in, giving it a bit of added flair. The memory form headband and ear cushions make these extremely comfortable to wear.

And the sound?

The sound quality of these headphones is surprisingly nice. From playing a game like Torchlight II or Fortnite to talking with friends on Discord and watching YouTube, the quality of the sound is great.

It’s nice to be able to switch from 3.5mm headphone cable to USB and we really appreciate what happens when using the 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound. It would be nice, however, if that feature translated to the Xbox One or PS4.

What about performance?

The main reservations I have with the design are more or less what I’d term inconveniences or questionable choices.

Take the mute button as an example. It is located near the back of the left headphone and is always confusing to me. It reads as a microphone with a slash through it, which I would assume as being mute. But when it is pushed in, it is, in fact, not mute.

And another thing, the volume scroller (near the mute button) scrolls down to amplify volume and up to minimize volume. I suppose this could be pretty easily understood after a moment or two, or with regular usage, but in the heat of a game it seems counter-intuitive.

Would you recommend the EKSA E900 Pro?

Overall, this is a nice headset with a price that’s in line with expectation. Of course, they’re not perfect, but they are right for a middle-of-the-ground gamer such as myself.

The sound quality is nice, the design is cool, compact, and extremely comfortable, and they’re compatible with most mainstream gaming consoles.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the gaming water, or want to step up from the headphones that came with your console, these are a good starting point.

These headphones can be bought online at Eksa’s official website for about $35 as well as through AliExpress and Amazon.

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