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Dealing with Slow Internet – Here’s Everything you need to Know

Who likes a crawling internet connection? You? Nobody right. An internet connection that takes minutes to load can quickly become a cause of hair pulling events. Jokes apart, a slow internet connection can become highly inconvenient for both work and play. It would help if you had a good speed to do almost everything like watching a movie, uploading work files, attending an online meeting, and play online games.

If you find that your internet is unable to play a video without interruption or it buffers more than your life, what you have is a slow connection. The following are some methods to sort out your internet connection speed and get over the frustrating page loading message.

Change the Plan

Your internet connection may be slow because of the plan you have chosen. Check the speed of your internet connection by using a speed test website, or you can also call the customer service of your internet company. If you find out that your plan offers a slow speed compared to what you need, you will have to change your policy.

Talk to your internet provider and discuss internet plans that offer excellent speed and fit your budget. Once you find a plan that’s apt for you, ask your internet provider for an upgrade. A new project with a better speed can help you fix your slow connection and enjoy non-stop videos, work, and more.

Check your Modem

It might be possible that your equipment, like your modem or your router, is causing an issue. You can get them checked by an expert, such as a provider of business internet in South Louisiana, and upgrade them to better ones if needed. If your setup is new and you are sure that your equipment is just fine, consider restarting them. Your computer can also cause your internet connection to slow down. Reboot your system if you haven’t done that for a few days and compare your laptop/PC with other computers in the home to identify the problem.

Remove Browser Plugins

Too many plugins and apps can slow down the internet because they use it to update their background data. Uninstall all the plugins and apps that you do not need and clear up your memory. While you are at it, clean your computer’s cookies, the registry. Replace the extensions that might be weighing down your browser. Look for lighter versions of the ones that are utterly necessary. You can also use software that can track your internet usage by different apps and extensions and help you clean up from time to time.

Update your Browser

Browsers are updated very frequently. If you are using an older version, the chances are that you are missing out on some essential speed updates. Check your browser’s update section and install and all the pending updates to sync your browser with the latest guidelines. Furthermore, Internet Explores is compared to a slower browser as compared to Chrome and Firefox. Try switching to any of these, and you might experience a decent change in your internet speed.

If none of those mentioned above methods succeed to boost, you need to call an expert who can troubleshoot at the technical level. A service provider can find out the exact cause and will be able to provide you with an optimal and timely solution.