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Home News Dealing with Poor Posture? This Corrector Could Be the Answer

Dealing with Poor Posture? This Corrector Could Be the Answer


When you spend eight hours a day at your desk, it’s easy to slouch a little. The problem is, that habit continues long after you rise from your chair. Albaro Air is a wearable support that provides an easy fix, correcting your posture throughout the day. You can get it now for just $99.99.

Worn like a backpack without the pack, this comfortable support reminds you to stand up or sit up straight. To feel the benefits, you simply slide the straps over your shoulders and secure the waist band. You then use the included air pump to inflate small cells within the back plate.

Once inflated, Albaro Air is semi-rigid. It’s like sitting in an ergonomic chair, except the contours are strapped to your back. The support is made from light polyester and nylon, with double stitching for added strength. An air mesh on the back prevents heat build-up, while a neoprene wire band adds structure.

Albaro Air was a crowdfunding smash hit, having raised $121,233 on Kickstarter and $127,844 on Indiegogo.

It’s normally $120, but you can grab the Albaro Air today for just $99.99 with a range of five sizes available.



Albaro Air Posture Corrector – $99.99See Deal

Prices subject to change 

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