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Home News Break into the world of artificial intelligence with this 4-part AI bundle

Break into the world of artificial intelligence with this 4-part AI bundle


It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) has been pretty much an intimidating concept, but now, we can’t imagine life without it. From smart assistants to banking apps to social networking to even email, AI has managed to become an intrinsic facet of our daily lives.

It’s no wonder, then, that folks in the artificial intelligence sector are raking in big bucks (we’re talking seven figures here) to develop AI-powered systems. If you want to explore the world of AI and become a pro yourself, you can kickstart your journey with the Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle.

For 95% off, this learning bundle nets you four jam-packed courses that will beef up your AI knowledge and skills. You’ll first get to grips with machine learning on Python & R and learn machine learning models, allowing you to solve pretty much any problem. You’ll then move on to mastering deep learning algorithms and understand artificial neural networks before jumping right into exploring Python programming for data analytics and science. The final course is dedicated to Tensorflow 2.0, a tool that can help you produce amazing deep learning and AI solutions. As a practice, you even get to build a bot that acts as a broker to buy and sell stocks.

These concepts may all seem foreign now, but you’ll get to master all of them once you finish your training. Get your primer into the amazing world of artificial intelligence now for only $34.99 — a savings of 95 percent.

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