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Best Translation Software in 2020

The world of translation is a rich and nuanced place. The concept itself exists in various forms, from written and oral to automatic and human translations. Some translating tactics start influencing our life when we are mere toddlers, which is something very few people know about. But being able to understand different languages is a skill gained through the years of practice, and if you don’t have it yet, you might find yourself facing serious problems. For example, you might have to work with foreign texts on a constant basis, having to fight your way through complex phrases and sentences that seemingly make no sense. Obviously, you can’t always rely on professional translators since such services are costly, so your only choice lies in finding quality translation software.

4 Top Kinds of Software to Facilitate Your International Communication

Many people face the necessity to translate something in their line of work. If you need help only occasionally, you can consider hiring a professional service. For instance, look through The Word Point reviews: this agency is steadily growing, and the range of its services is truly many-layered. But for instances when translations are the every-day part of your tasks, quality software might be a better option. Here are four top-rated ones. They’ve been selected based on the functions they provide, the ease of their use, as well as customers’ preferences.

1)    Pairaphrase. It’s a cloud-based software that offers assistance to independent individuals as well as different business organizations. Apart from helping translate any kinds of text, it also provides a variety of other useful services, including formatting preservation, a personal glossary that remembers your choices, and simultaneous translation of several files at once, which is extremely useful since it increases efficiency and saves your time. 3249 language pairs are supported, and there is a text-to-audio option. 24 formats are covered, so you can allow yourself to be picky. This software is very popular, but its drawback lies in its expensiveness. The price starts at $99 per month, though as numerous people indicate, it’s absolutely worth it. 

2)    Prompt Master. This offline software provides help with translation of all kinds of correspondence along with files. It’s flexible, so you can get a package serving only one specific language pair or one dealing with many of them at once. Translations themselves are highly accurate, and even specialized terminology is supported. The software costs about $99, but its overall rating justifies such price. The problem is, it’s pretty heavy in terms of its size, so you should clear some space on your computer before downloading it.

3)    Text United.  This software supports an unlimited number of business or personal projects, so your options will never run out.  It also claims to serve all possible language pairs, which is a huge plus. Every translation selection stays within the memory of a system, so you’ll be able to have a consistent and optimized workflow. More than 30 file types are supported, allowing you a pleasant diversity. For teams working in the same company, there is an option of doing a translation project together and monitoring the way it is managed as well as edited — every step is covered. The price for the software begins with €60 on a monthly basis, which is expensive but affordable if you purchase it as a team. Note that even if you choose the most costly plan, you’ll be getting 14 free trial days, so if something isn’t to your liking, you can cancel it at any time you want.

4)    Microsoft Translator. The immediate advantage of this software is that it is completely free, so you can get it even if you are on a limited budget. With its help, you can translate correspondence, conversations, and other kinds of communication. There is an offline option complete with various language packs, so even if the electricity gets cut off and you lose Internet connection, your work will go on uninterrupted. The great addition is that you can translate images, too, while also being able to share your translations with others via their devices. Finally, this software can voice the translations you’ve been working on: it will help you with learning what the correct pronunciation is.

Choose Your Software and Increase Your Efficiency

We don’t know what the future holds. It’s already rumored that AI interprets signals into text, and quite possibly, it will replace even the best translators at some point. But this moment isn’t here yet, so for now, consider other useful alternatives. There are many types of excellent translation software. Some of them are free while the price for others is more or less affordable. Try them, settle on the one that works best for you, and reap the benefits. With modern technologies, you could make your work easier and much more satisfying.   


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