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Best 3 ways to convert RTF to PDF

Are you interested to know how to convert rtf to pdf? Before that you need to know what its RTF File! RTF stands for Rich Text Format and is a Microsoft Corporation developed cross platform document format. It also serves as exchanged format between different manufacturer created word processing programs for different operating systems. PDF is a file format that is based page description language and is the creation of Adobe. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It helps preserve the document’s layout, like images, fonts, graphic objects and others. This is irrespective of the operating system, software and computer used for viewing or printing purpose. Hence, RTF conversion to PDF is essential to share and exchange documents without actually losing any element or format.

Convert rtf to pdf in 3 easy ways

  • 2pdf.com: This conversion website is completely safe to be used by anyone. You do not have to worry about privacy, since all your downloaded files are likely to get deleted instantly on completion of conversion. On completion of 24 hours, the portal managers do assure of your conversion files getting deleted completely from their database. Moreover, no third parties will be able to get hold of your files. Only you will be able to access them and no one else. You can effortlessly enjoy RTF conversions to PDF format. You can also be rest assured of quality conversions at all times. The steps are as follows:
    • Drag or select RTF file place it onto the page.
    • Choose PDF that you plan to convert into.
    • Choose page size and orientation including other conversion options.
    • Allow conversion of PDF file. Once done, export or download the file to Google Drive / Dropbox.
  • EasePDF: Using this converter for conversion work can help you to break device limitation. This tool allows online conversion with great ease, be it on Windows, Linux or Mac computer or cellphone or tablet device. Also is supported bulk conversion, thus increasing overall efficiency of multiple file conversions.
    • On EasePDF homepage, open up ‘RTF – PDF converter’.
    • Include rich text format documents and to access files on the device, click ‘Add file’ option. Select target RTF file. It gets uploaded on the server. You also can open up RTF file from Dropbox cloud drive or Google Drive.
    • Download all converted PDF documents. Automatic conversion is allowed for uploaded RTF files. On completion of conversion, you get download link. On link icon, click copy to share. Otherwise, hit ‘Download’ button for downloading file to local device and/or save on to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • PDFelement Pro: You can easily perform RTF conversion to PDF format using this tool. You can ensure that during the process, you do not lose on document formatting at any point of time. You can use this tool for both Mac & Windows operating formats. PDF documents can be converted not only to PDF from RTF, but also from other popular formats quickly to PDF format. For RTF conversion to PDF, you just need to go to the program to open up RTF file. It will get converted instantly. You can open up the PDF document availed within the program. Then to edit PDF images or text document, you are free to use any of the available program tools. Then share or save it once you are satisfied with the edits. Some steps to follow for smooth conversion process.
    • Download and open up RTF – PDF converter tool: You need to download program file to carry out RTF conversion to PDF format. For this visit the site and click on download button of the specific option. Then you can find automatic popping up of installation wizard. Follow few on-screen steps and set up your program. Once done, run this program. Next, visit main interface.
    • RTF file import to program: In main interface, click on ‘Create PDF’ button. A pop-up window will come up, which allows you to browse all RTF files present in the local folder. Choose the desired file and then import the same to the specified program. Once done, selected RTF file will open up immediately with the program.
    • Initiate RTF-PDF conversion process: click on ‘Save As’ button in ‘File’ Menu. Then choose desired destination and specify file name for generated PDF file. Next to carry out the conversion process, click on ‘Save’. This automatically starts the conversion procedure.

The above are few of the ways by which you can efficiently and smoothly carry out RTF – PDF conversion process. But you need to undertake some research to find out which one suits your needs best and offers superior quality results without charging anything for the conversion process. Also, your privacy should be maintained and documents not shared with anyone without your consent.


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