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5 Important Aspects to Consider in App Store Optimization Services

App Store Optimization (ASO) helps an app to match all criteria around app store ranking. Businesses use this technique to ensure that their apps move up the ladder as far as the search results are concerned. This helps in improved outreach to the end-users. Optimization of an app is a very important step in the overall mobile app strategy since it enables improved discoverability of an app within the app store.

Today, app store optimization services India has seen a spike in demand. Every business aims to boost the total number of app downloads that take place daily. This is when the understanding of ASO strategies becomes important for business and app developers. Here are some of the aspects that marketers have to consider while designing ASO strategies.

Choosing App Name

It is not sufficient to develop a unique name to ensure a top-order ranking for an app. The title of an app should contain necessary or relevant keywords to ensure the best results from an ASO strategy. App titles that have appropriate keywords tend to rank 10.3% higher when compared to the alternatives, which have no keywords in the titles.

Understand End-User

To ensure that the app reaches the right end-user, every business must understand the customer base thoroughly. As a first step, the marketer must study different parameters, including language, keywords etc. for better and improved results. This research must be done before starting with app store optimization India. Additionally, the marketer must also understand about the competitors, their key strengths, weaknesses etc. Portraying the app as an enhanced version as compared to other available apps can distinguish the business from its competition.

Maximizing Keywords

Every business must understand the differences between Apple Store vs. Google Store and design two different ASO strategies when it comes to keywords. Since the app store of Apple allows usage of 100-characters in the keyword field, the ASO strategy has to be designed accordingly. Google, on the other hand, allows a 4000-character limit. This enables developers to have enough options for maximizing the keyword strength.

Unique Icon

Users browse through multiple app options before narrowing down on one that they finally download. This is why it is important for businesses to have a unique app icon that is appealing and eye-catching. It should differentiate the app from others and tempt the users to download the same. Design guidelines that are prescribed by various app stores must be followed before finalising on the app icon design. The color scheme, size etc. matter a lot when it comes to an app icon.

Unique Description

Apart from the icon, marketers should also focus on the description of an app that is concise and provides quality information about the app to the end-users. It should portray the brand name and also what the brand stands for.

The ideal way to go about designing an app and managing ASO is to hire app store optimization services India. This way, a business can have a professional approach in its strategy and measurable results over some time.

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