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Which Free Online Tool of File Converter offers you 100% Successful Results?

For some of the students it is quite a lot an intricate task to let your file be converted into different file formats easily. They do take it as an impossible task but online file converter tools proved them wrong and make their whole task of conversion easy to perform.

Yes you heard it right!

Online file converter tools are an excellent medium for the office going professionals and students to let their files be converted into different formats of their own choices.  They are included with some advanced features with which you can easily have your file be converted into the formats of MS Office i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, TXT, RTF and so many more. Some of the tools are of so many highly-advanced features that you can even use them for converting the audios, images, videos, and so on.

Now heading towards the main topic, right here we have compiled a list of 100% reliable and best free online file converter tools 2020 for you.  They are all free tools and do not charge you a single penny to start your conversion process.

1. Soda PDF Online

This online file converter tool is one of the newly announced tools and is yet one of the best tools of the online converter for your easy file conversion processing.  With the help of this tool you will have complete freedom in which you can give your file conversion convenient processing of conversion in any format of your own choices.  This tool is working on a functional-based PDF application in which you can edit or can convert and annotate the PDF files with less stress.  The overall features and functioning process of the tool have been so much easy to handle which makes it suitable for the beginners.

Advanced features of this tool have made it extra convenient and worth to use.  You will be handed over with your converted file in just a few seconds without any disturbance of the advertisements.  Another best feature of this tool is that you can use it on your smartphone, tablet, or even on a laptop.  Its friendly interface has made it best for both beginners as well as professionals. What else you want? It has connectivity features with Dropbox, Google Drive, and different other file sharing platforms.

2. Online Convert Free

This best and reliable free converter tool has the ability in which it can easily convert your basic files and folders into different formats of your requirements.  This tool has become so much popular because it offers you 100 amazing formats of files that make your whole process of conversion so much easy to do.

As you upload your file for conversion, you also need to mention your email address as well after which the converted file will be emailed right on your email address.  This feature makes this platform to be one of the most beginner-friendly and easy to perform.

3. Convert Files

Reaching the third spot, we have the name of convert files tool! This tool of file converter is extremely easy and simple to perform in its features. You don’t need to put yourself in the hurdle of any manual guide or instructions to use this tool.  For simple conversion, your file should be in a limited size of around 250MB.  You can use it on any device i.e. tablet, laptop, or smartphone.  Furthermore, this tool even works best for converting audios, videos, and documents.  You will be able to get quick and easy output results in just the least period.


This 7-inch Wi-Fi tablet is a good option for younger users, just $80

Tablets are a wonderful tool and great companion for work, home, and school use. But as nice and powerful as they can be, they can be paired with a hefty price tag. Do you need all of that just so your child can get started on reading and casual games? We submit you do not.Swing by the AG Deals Store today and you’ll find that we have a 7-inch tablet that’s on sale for just $79.95. It’s not overly powerful or feature-rich, but you won’t necessarily need that for Angry Birds, YouTube videos, and learning to read.Tablet Features7″ Touch Screen. Provides good viewing & browsing qualityQuad-Core A33. An effiient & extremely powerful processor2MP Dual Cameras. Good quality photos & videosWi-Fi. Go online anywhere via a wireless network or hotspotBluetooth. Easy access & sharing of filesUp to 5-hour battery life. Enjoy long-time browsing & streamingBuy Yours TodayReady to pick up one of these tablets for your home? Hurry, and take advantage of the 60% discount so you can order yours for just $80 while the offer lasts.Best SellersEarn Credits!For every $25 you spend in the AG Deals Store you get $1 credit added to your account. And, if you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.First Time Buying?If this is your first time buying, you are also eligible for 10% discount! Just be sure to subscribe for email updates.Free StuffNot looking to spend any money today? No worries. You can still visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and pick something anyhow.

Smart360 S7 Pro Robot Vacuum review

Vacuums may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions tech. However, “Robo vacs” are a highly competitive segment of the market and have advanced to have internet-connected features much like many other smart home devices.I’ve been testing the Smart360 S7 Pro Robot Vacuum for the last three weeks and came away with a positive outlook on this cleaner. Let’s get down to the details to see where it excels, and a few places it could use some improvements.DesignThe design is nothing earthshattering from Smart360. You get a large hockey puck-like disc on wheels. It’s roughly two and a half feet in diameter. The casing is a glossy plastic that makes the S7 Pro vacuum look modern but does make it prone to show both dust and smudges.Atop the S7 Pro is a large “cap” housing that contains the LiDar system. This is a 360 laser array that the vacuum uses to determine depth and distance for mapping rooms. We will get into that more later.Around both, the back and front of the vac is a bumper system that helps limit damage to your baseboards and the S7 Pro while in motion. This is assisted by another infra-red sensor on the sides that helps detect walls.Four more infra-red sensors are positioned on the bottom edges of the Smart360 S7 Pro vacuum. These allow the unit to detect when the depth below the vacuum changes past what’s safe and stops the S7 Pro from tumbling down the stairs. 1 of 2 The undercarriage is where the more fundamental parts live on the S7 Pro. You have a spinning 3-prong bristle brush for sweeping and a rolling brush for picking up. The wheel system is also present here with two drive wheels and a rotating steer wheel on the front.The S7 Pro can also mop with a reservoir that clips onto the back of the device. You fill it full of water and attach the cloth mop to the casing with included Velcro strips.Real resultsWe can talk about sensors and specs all you want, but if it can’t vacuum you’ve got nothing. Well, I’m happy to report that most of the claims and features from Smart360 are a reality when using the S7 Pro robot vacuum. The mentioned sensors do a great job of reporting back to the included software to create a map of your home that offers consistent cleaning.The app is fairly simple in that you use it to connect the device to your Wi-Fi to allow remote usage and to help tweak the maps. You can also choose different suction strengths, set schedules, and change the modes: cleaning, mop, or both.The S7 Pro vacuum spends the initial startup session to map your home using the LiDar and other sensors. I was impressed by how well this function worked. The S7 Pro did an admirable job of avoiding objects as well as guessing the rooms in my home. This even split my open floor kitchen and living room as separate rooms.After this first-run mapping, you are presented with a room count and total area. You can use the app to rename rooms to your preferred name. I like this and make them easily recognizable.It also means you don’t have to mark tape or have extra equipment to fence off zone. The red blocks on the map below are spots that have cords or fragile items in my house that I wanted to avoid with the S7 Pro. The vacuum will also suggest areas if it has a hard time with the terrain. 1 of 2 This comes in handy when you want to just run the S7 Pro vacuum in a single room. You open the app. Check the room you want to clean. Then, hit sweep. The S7 Pro will then only clean that designated area and return to the charging station.The sweep action and suction on the S7 Pro does a great job at general cleaning. It’s not going to beat a standard Dyson vacuum anytime soon but is a much easier solution to touch up hardwood and low ply carpet.The mopping feature however leaves a lot to be desired. I really couldn’t tell it did much. It’s the equivalent of running a damp washcloth over the floor. It struggles to even snag a small coffee drip recently spilled on a tile. Be prepared to still roll up your sleeves with at least a Swiffer mop for most instances.Cleanup of the cleanupOne thing I’m happy to report over my only other experience with automated vacuums is that the Smart360 S7 Pro is pretty painless to maintain between uses. The dust bin is a cartridge style stored under a lid behind the LiDar cap.I have one of the original Roombas from iRobot and the dust compartment is not intuitive at all and you often dump the debris you just cleaned up back onto the floor. This is due to this bin living on the underside of the unit. It’s nice to see Smart360 avoid this with a top-loading system. 1 of 3 Additional cleaning is simply removing the rolling brush and using the included hook and blade cleaner to remove hair or strings that may get tangled up. This is a struggle as static and “gunk” make it difficult to really remove everything. I tend to use the vacuum a few times and then soak the rolling brush and dust bin in lightly soapy water overnight.RuntimeI have roughly 1,500 feet on my ground floor and the S7 Pro can clean the entirety on a single charge. I think that’s acceptable for the cleaning and size of my home. From start to finish takes about an hour and twenty minutes.When the S7 Pro does need to recharge it simply goes back to the charging station. Using the map as a memory, the vacuum automatically retreats for a refresh. You don’t have to lift a finger… unless you have the door closed to the room the charging station is located.Final thoughtsI was pleasantly surprised by how well the Smart360 S7 Pro performed. Having a machine that reliably maneuvers my home and cleans while I’m doing something else is awesome.It’s also been a plus to see how far these types of machines have come since my last purchase. The additional technology makes it smarter, safer, and more efficient.Pricing seems competitive as well with the S7 Pro at just over $400 on Amazon. I’d like to see this a little lower for the lack of results with the mopping option, but I think Smart360 has a great vacuum that should be worth your money.

The best Android phones available at Simple Mobile (November 2020)

T-Mobile is one of the biggest wireless network operators in the US, providing nearly 100 million subscribers with coverage. As you’d expect, it features quite an impressive handset selection, including models with 5G support. But what about other brands that use its network, such as Simple Mobile?Simple Mobile, as is the case with other MVNOs, has its own rate plans, customer service, and phone selection. Here, we’ll dig into the Android devices offered at Simple Mobile.Simple Mobile Buyer’s GuideCheap cell phone plans that use the T-Mobile networkWe’ve gathered up a handful of the best phones you can purchase at Simple Mobile today. Although we do select one as the best overall (Editors’ Choice), the list below offers phones that work for a variety of user types.For what it’s worth, the handset selection at Simple Mobile is fairly lean, skewing toward older models and refurbished phones. To that end, we always suggest buying an unlocked phone for use with a carrier. The options are plentiful in both directions and you’ll likely get something more powerful.Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraThe Biggest and BestYou can’t have a list of top phones without including the latest and greatest flagship. In this case, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Sure, there are other versions of the S20 to consider but this reigns supreme. Outfitted with a large (6.9-inch) screen, lots of RAM (12GB), and an incredible camera experience, it’s a no-compromise device.Powered by Android 10 with Samsung’s One UI, the phone is as powerful as it is sleek. Come for the 8K video recording, stay for the top-tier performance. Buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraLG Stylo 5 LTEBig, practical, and (most importantly) affordable, the Stylo 5 LTE provides users with a large (6.2-inch) screen with stylus support. It’s perfect for scribbling notes, marking up documents, editing, and more.Running Android 9 Pie, the phone is powered by a 1.8GHz octa-core processor with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. A microSD expansion card slot blows the door wide open for up to 2TB external media.Wrapping things up, the LG handset has a 13-megapixel rear camera, front-facing 5-megapixel selfie camera, and a 3,500mAh battery with USB Type-C charging. Buy the LG Stylo 5Motorola Moto G6We really like how Motorola handles its smartphones. For the past few years it has employed a stock version of Android, adding only the smallest of custom features. Moreover, they’re priced considerably lower than what a lot of bigger name brands charge.Here, you get a big (5.7-inch) screen, a fairly modern build of Android, and respectable smattering of mid-range hardware. Details include an octa-core processor with 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, and a microSD card slot for external media.Other things we appreciate? The dual rear cameras, lightning fast charging, and a water resistant coating. Tthat extra money left in our wallets is always nice, too. Buy the Motorola Moto G6Samsung Galaxy A50Knowing that we already have a Samsung phone on this list, we have to add the Galaxy A50. Why? Because it’s a fraction of what the Galaxy S models cost, yet it still gives users all the features they find important.The Galaxy A series in itself is very interesting to watch, however this is the one we like most. Present are a generous 6.4-inch display and a multi-camera (25 MP/8 MP/5MP) array on the rear, and a battery that rivals most phones. You know, the stuff we love.Under the hood are an octa-core processor with 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, and a microSD expansion card slot for up to 512GB space. Rounding things out are a headphone jack, fingerprint reader, and USB Type C charging. Buy the Samsung Galaxy A50

OnePlus 8 Pro vs. OnePlus 7 Pro: Should you upgrade?

Best answer: Even though the OnePlus 7 Pro is over a year old, it's tough to recommend everyone upgrade to