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Signs of a Stressed Guinea Pig

As most people can attest, feeling stressed is no fun whatsoever. However, if you are a pet guinea pig, stress can be even worse because you are essentially helpless. Guinea pig owners should learn the signs of guinea pig stress so that they can help their guinea pigs to feel comfortable and healthy again.

The first sign of stress is the wrong size guinea pig cage. One guinea pig: should have a 30″ x 36″ for it to live comfortably. Two guinea pigs should have around 7.5 square feet (minimum), but 10.5 square feet is best. Overall 30″ x 50″ is a good size for the average guinea pig

Oddly enough, many signs of a stressed guinea pig are similar to that of a stressed person. Most notably, you may find that your guinea pig is sleeping much more than usual. If your guinea pig takes excessively long naps, or seems indifferent to your attempts at interaction, it is very likely that he is not feeling up to par. He may be experiencing physical stress, mental stress, or both.

Even if he is not sleeping, your guinea pig may spend more time than usual in his nest box. This is another way that stressed guinea pigs let their owners know that something is wrong. The poor animals stay in their nest boxes, avoiding other contact or interaction.

Your guinea pig might not be sleeping more than usual, but he still might show other signs of stress. For example, he may be particularly irritable. If your guinea pig becomes a nipper, or just downright grumpy, stress may be to blame. Additionally, your guinea pig may be very nervous and on edge. General discomfort or unease is another sign of stress in a guinea pig.

You might notice more physical signs of stress, like a lack of appetite. Your guinea pig might even lose some of his hair. It is important to talk to a veterinarian when you notice any of these signs, especially if they persist after a couple of days.

Most likely, it is something in your guinea pig’s environment that is causing him to feel unwell. Try to keep your guinea pig in a calm and quiet area of your home, away from other pets and loud people.

Be sure that you are feeding him a high quality diet. You may even want to consider providing him with a companion guinea pig. Your veterinarian can help you decide which plan of action is best for your specific stressed guinea pig.


Nixplay Smart Photo Frame review

The Nixplay Smart Photo Frame, available in a variety of sizes, is a Wi-Fi digital picture frame that displays your favorite images. Similar to traditional picture frames you can hang it on a wall or prop it up on a table. Unlike the one on your grandmother’s wall, it can cycle through more than 2,000 pictures.This is the sort of product you’d gift to parents and grandparents as you can send photos or playlists directly to them. Additionally, it might be a good product for new parents, newlyweds, or college students who might want to keep an eye on things back home. It works just as well to give one of these to someone as it would be to receive on.There are a different sizes and finishes available so it ought to be no problem finding the right fit for your home. And because of its flexibility, you can move it to different rooms or environments without hassle.The 10.1-inch version features a 1280 x 800 HD image that’s bright, easy to see from a variety of angles, and works in both landscape and portrait orientation. As one might expect from a device like this in 2020, there is support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.The built-in motion sensor is able to identify whether there are people in the room which means it automatically turns itself off.Configuration and SetupSetting up the Nixplay Frame includes creating an account, pairing your frame to it, and adding photos. Using the mobile app you can manually add photos, but we found it easier to manage it from the website.Once logged in, you can pair your social media accounts with their respective library or albums. That includes Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, and Verizon Cloud.It’s also in this dashboard where you can set up timers to turn on and off the frame. Additionally, you can shuffle the playlist, opt to display a clock, adjust the transitions between photos, and more.If you’re purchasing one of these for a family member or friend, you’ll be able to set it all up and essentially make it a turn-key gift. All you’ll have to do is set it on the right Wi-Fi network.We appreciate that you can make as many adjustments that you can, especially to keep things updated. There’s no need to insert a microSD card or plug into the frame. Anything done in the cloud is automatically updated.As for the Google Assistant stuff, it’s more or less just being able to turn the frame on and off using your voice. It’s handy, but not necessary. Amazon Alexa appears to have a little deeper integration with options to pull up specific playlists. 1 of 4 The viewing angles on the frame are really good and we found it to provide sharp color and high contrast. Some of the transitions do feel a tad dated, however, they are quick. Fortunately, you can opt for longer delays between changing and decide which transition you want.Where to BuyYou can learn more about the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame at the company’s official website. There, you’ll find it available to purchase for about $180. A limited time discount sees the company taking $27 off, bringing the total to just $153.There are also other sizes to choose from, ranging from 9.7-inches up to 15.6-inches. From the looks of it, there are often chances to save on your frame. Be it centered around a holiday or just an instant discount, it pays to look.

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