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Show off your Pride with a fabulous Galaxy case

While shirts and sneakers are fun ways to show your pride, if you want to show yours off this Pride month — and all year long — put your pride somewhere that’s always within reach, eye-catching, and modern: your smartphone! The Galaxy S10 and its horizontal camera module give you a sizeable expanse on the back for bold colors and strong statements, and these cases take full advantage to create a unique and fabulously awesome look for you to rock while out and about.

Pride 2020

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  • Companies and LGBTQ orgs
  • Representation in video games
  • Movies still have a long way to go
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  • Apple + Pride t-shirts

May the Pride be with you

Lightsaber Rainbow

Staff pick


Nerdy Pride merch is a niche that Redbubble is filled with, but this rainbow of lightsabers is a case that I want to rock all summer and clear into the fall as I explore Galaxy’s Edge and bring pride to a galaxy far, far away.

From $26 at Redbubble

Go to Hyper-Pride!

Gays in Space


If you prefer your nerdy pride cases brighter, this case paints the Millennium Falcon’s trail rainbow as it races through a bright galaxy of adventure and amazement. Go beyond lightspeed with this Hyper-Pride case.

From $25 at Redbubble

I’m a (L)awful Ace



This extra-nerdy series from ABD-illustrates mixes LGBT orientations — Ace, Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Pan, and Trans — with RPG alignments of Chaotic, Neutral, and Lawful. These make me want a matching d20 set and to roll a new character sheet!

From $25 at Redbubble

Shine your shield

Pride Star Emblems Series


This series offers variants of Captain America’s shield in 31 different color schemes for various LGBT flags covering a spectrum of sexualities, romantic inclinations, and gender identities, including split-cases for classifications like Aro/Ace and Pan/Ace.

From $21 at Redbubble

The city and bi

Pride Environment Collection


Featuring your choice of three environments — the forests, the mountains, or the city — with eight orientations — Ace, Agender, Bi, Bigender, Gay, Lesbian, Pan, and Transgender — this collection is as a subtle as it is beautiful.

From $25 at Redbubble

I have got to get me one of these!

The Orientation Armory


This whimsically weaponized set from fox flight knows that it’s dangerous to go alone, take this! Most sexualities get one weapon, but Pansexuals get two: a Rapunzel-esque Cast Iron Pan and a more menacing Poleaxe Pan.

From $27 at Redbubble

Be still my heart

Love is Equal Galaxy Cases


Skinit offers a few cases that are perfect for Pride month like this Love is Equal design here. You can get this case in four styles from Waterproof to Pro to my personal favorite for this design is the thin case.

From $20 at Skinit

Subtle details

Love is Love Galaxy Cases


This fun case hides subtle beauty under the traditional rainbow — like the vines and flowers subtly woven throughout the background — while the message shouts in black in white: LOVE IS LOVE!

From $20 at Skinit

Look at the fireworks

New Year’s Radiant Rainbow Fireworks


This case may be made for New Year’s, but with technicolor explosions of light and sparkle, this case it 100% fit for Pride Month, and for the Fourth of July right after! This heavy-duty clear case will keep your S10 safe.

$49 at Casetify

Shimmering pride

Love Wins! Rainbow – Spectrum (Pride)


This rainbow case is a little bit hipster, a little bit geometric, and a little bit awesome, with rainbow tears dripping from the glasses against a shimmery backdrop. The impact-resistant case still keeps things slim.

$49 at Casetify

We’re all human

Human, LGBT+


This case reminds the world that no matter what affiliation or orientation we may fall under, we’re all human. The flags here are Asexual, Bisexual, Pride, Transgender, and Pansexual, and this design is available in a snap-on or hybrid case.

From $26 at Redbubble

Show your support

Community – LGBTQA


This is a great case for allies that want to show support for their diverse LGBTQA community and all the different groups within it. There are 18 hearts here, each with a different pride flag to help you go beyond the traditional rainbow.

From $27 at Redbubble

Pride is different for all


There is so much out there beyond the normal rainbow cases these days — not that there’s anything wrong with a good rainbow — and I’m especially happy to see so many collections that offer merchandise for the less mainstream sexualities in the spectrum such as Asexuality. Representation is important, after all, and I’ll be picking up a Lawful Ace to display my personal geekiness full blast this summer, along with the Lightsaber Rainbow to rock while lurking around Galaxy’s Edge this fall.

For those looking to show support as an ally, Skinit’s Love is Equal clear case and the HUMAN, LGBT+ case on Redbubble are both high-quality options for you to consider. And if you have any other pride cases you feel are worthy of this roundup, send them to me on Twitter!


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