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Maneater tips and tricks for beginners

Maneater is the newest game from Tripwire Interactive, and it’s probably one of the most bizarre premises of an open world RPG to date. You star as a shark — literally a shark — and roam the deep blue sea. Due to all of the hunting that has occurred, there are fewer sharks in the ocean than ever before. As a shark yourself, it is your job to seek recompense.

The point is to try to eat as many people and cause as much destruction on land as possible. It’s both outrageous and glorious. However, getting the hang of playing as a shark can be tricky. Underwater levels are typically the most difficult in your average video game, so when the whole game is underwater, things can get out of hand quickly. To get your sea legs in order, we have compiled a list of tips for beginners.

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Fish are food, not friends

Tripwire Interactive

The biggest thing to remember is to eat any and all sea life that crosses your path. Some animals aren’t aggressive, but eating them will give your shark key nutrient supplies that will help level up the shark’s abilities later. Keep track of what types of sea life you’re eating. While turtles and mackerel are great for key nutrients, alligators and other sharks will provide you with protein and other important minerals. It takes the concept of “you are what you eat” to a new level. Additionally, if you’re unsure what types of nutrients different sea life provides, you can use your sonar to show the genetic makeup of prey. This will give you a better idea of what you need to eat.

There are a few different types of nutrients in the game. Fat (yellow), minerals (blue), protein (red), and mutagen (green) all give your shark a different boost. Eating any time will help the shark level up, and each mutation requires a different nutrient to upgrade.

Backtrack regularly

The sea is an unpredictable place, and everything is constantly changing. This is why it’s important to double back every once in a while and see if something new has appeared or if something has changed. By backtracking through already-beaten levels, you’ll be given a chance to find new collectibles, quests, and sea life to eat. Additionally, your leveled up shark will be more properly equipped to deal with some of the more difficult sea creatures. It helps to backtrack to level up your shark as well. After backtracking, your shark should be stronger and better equipped when returning to the main storyline.

Run away

Much like real life, sometimes it’s better to run away from a situation and come back to it rather than try to tackle it right then and there. Maneater explores this concept and tries to encourage us to get stronger before addressing a difficult situation. When first beginning the game, your shark is relatively weak compared to other sharks in the ocean. This makes it easy for your shark to be overpowered by other sea creatures while in combat. If you’re facing an enemy that’s stronger than you, do not be ashamed to make a quick exit. This will give you a chance to either come back to the fight after leveling up and eating other sea life or return to the battle with your health fully restored to finish off those tricky enemies.

Particularly at the beginning of the game, you’ll face off with foes that are way stronger than your young shark character. Avoid these enemies at all costs until you’re stronger and ready to match their strength.

Yellow plants help navigate caves

If you find yourself lost in a cave or dark area, there’s a ray of hope in the form of yellow plants. The yellow plants that line the underwater caverns and tunnels will help you find an exit. These yellow plants and lights point out where to swim to next, helping you find your sea legs while lost underwater. It can be extremely helpful in tight situations.

Sonar is your best friend

Getting the handle of the shark’s sonar will be clutch in finding collectibles and items to help you upgrade the shark. Sonar is also one of the first things players will want to upgrade when the chance arises. Ping the sonar often to find different and hidden areas of interest on the map. By pinging the sonar, these locations will be permanently marked on your map and will allow you to return should the need come up. It will also help you find every collectible, analyze different food sources, and open up new possibilities for your shark.

Create an evolutionary shark

Image courtesy of Playstation

Also remember to spec your shark. You’ll get the chance to unlock different evolutions and abilities that can be equipped to your shark, giving it more power and providing a better chance of survival. Some evolutions will help you swim faster, while others may give you a surprising power. These evolutions will help you suit different tasks in the game. Some evolutions are good to equip when fighting, such as increasing your health or damage. Others are better suited for when you’re trying to find collectibles or boost your nutrients. Switching between abilities and evolutions will help you narrow down which ones are best suited for your style of gameplay.

There are three main types of mutation sets within the game: Bone Set, Bio-Electric Set, and Shadow Set. Each set will give your shark a different type of boost. The Bone Set is gained by defeating other apex predators and works best for boat combat. The Bio-Electric Set is gained by defeating bounty hunters and increases your infamy. It’s a great set for stunning multiple attacking sea predators as well. The Shadow Set is gained by collecting landmark collectibles. This helps increase speed, poison blasts, and life-stealing attacks.

Put on your best dorsal fin, get out there, and start hunting!


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