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Home News Make your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch personal with one of these appps.

Make your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch personal with one of these appps.


Samsung Galaxy smartwatches offer a range of watch styles that can suit many different situations. Still, the ability to download apps to customize your watch further is one of the best reasons to get a smartwatch. Below are some of the best apps you can download from the Galaxy Store for your watch.

Go custom


Staff pick


Facer is an app that has been around for years, offering nearly any style of watch face you can imagine. There are classic-looking options to futuristic ones and everything in between. The app is free, and so are some of the options within the app. However, some may have a cost, but great work is worth paying for.

Free at Galaxy Store

Good tunes



Spotify is one of the most popular music services around, and Samsung Galaxy watches have direct access, with an app made for your wrist. You can stream and control your full Spotify library, including playlists you’ve created. Now you can leave your phone in your pocket when you want to get your tunes going.

Free at Galaxy Store

Simple utility



While a calculator app isn’t the most extravagant or technologically impressive app these days, it’s still a handy utility to have around — and using it on your wrist makes sense. Whether you are tracking purchases at the grocery store, working on a budget, or measuring for a construction project, a calculator can be an essential tool.

Free at Galaxy Store

Time to get moving



Samsung has a great all-around health platform loaded on all of its Galaxy smartwatches, but much of that data stays in that ecosystem. Strava is one of the most popular fitness tracking apps around with the ability to record a wide range of workouts and share them to various platforms. You can also connect with different clubs, friends, and followers to share your progress.

Free at Galaxy Store

Remote control

Wrist Camera


Galaxy smartwatches may not have a camera onboard —thankfully — but using it as a remote to control your phone’s camera is a great idea. With this app, you can set up your phone to take a group shot or maybe a selfie from a distance, then take the photo using your watch. You can set a timer, view a preview from the phone camera, control flash, and more using nothing more than your watch.

$3 at Galaxy Store

Small-screen games

Monster Vampire


Generally, playing games on your watch isn’t much fun due to the lack of screen real estate. However, with Monster Vampire, you get to play a game without the need to access the screen continually. There’s a fun story that incorporates your physical activity to progress through the game. It’s a win-win, an entertaining game and some exercise.

Free at Galaxy Store

Cushion correction

Find My Phone


Losing your phone in the couch cushion, in the car, in the fridge — it was a long day — or any other number of places can be frustrating. Thankfully if you have the Find My Phone app on your Galaxy watch, you can use it to ring your phone. So long as you have a vague idea of where it may be and can get into the Bluetooth range, your watch can reunite you and your phone.

Free at Galaxy Store

World Wide Watch

Samsung Browser


Having a full web browser on your wrist may not seem like the most practical thing, it can have some good use. Whether it is something that you need to look up in a pinch and don’t have your phone, or perhaps you want to pull up a YouTube video to watch while you’re bored, regardless of your need, it never hurts to have the option.

Free at Galaxy Store

Getting where you want



Google Maps isn’t available on the Galaxy watches, but HERE WeGo is an excellent alternative. With the ability to download maps directly to your wrist, you can navigate routes for walking, driving, riding, and more without having your phone at all. The added safety of walking around and keeping your phone put away is reason enough to download this app.

Free at Galaxy Store

Apps make your watch work for you

Whether you are looking for a way to make your watch a little more you or you need an escape from a moment of boredom, there’s likely an app you can download to your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch to remedy the situation. When you are ready to start installing apps to your Galaxy smartwatch there are a couple of ways to do it and we have a helpful guide put together for you.

If you can’t find just the right watch face that comes pre-loaded on your watch or you just want to explore more choices, the Facer app is the way to go. You can find styles based on some of the most famous designs from around the world to a digital sport style that looks like it came from a Sci-Fi movie and anything else in between.

Perhaps you are someone who enjoys a walk through the city, then you’ll really like having a navigation app like HERE WeGo on your wrist. It lest you keep your phone in your pocket, and still have directions at a glance. Regardless of what the need is, you can find utilities, entertainment options, fitness app, and so much more to ensure your watch can be anything but just a timepiece.


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