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Here are the best accessories for PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR (PSVR) is a phenomenal headset, but there are always more accessories and other items you can use to enhance your experience. If you’re looking for the best travel and display cases, we can show you our favorite. Do you want better sound quality or controller options? We know the best options for those, too. We’ve got your back all the way down to keeping your PSVR safe, clean, and at its peak performance. Here’s everything you need to live like a king in virtual reality.


USA Gear PSVR and console travel case

Staff pick


One of the best parts of virtual reality is sharing it with your loved ones. Make traveling easy with this USA Gear travel case. It has enough room to fit your PSVR headset, PSVR processor, PlayStation 4 console (Original, Slim, or Pro), headphones, cords for both your PSVR and PlayStation, DualShock controllers, Move controllers, and extra games! The case itself is designed like a laptop carrying case, making it incredibly easy and comfortable to travel with.

$50 at Amazon

The best sound

PlayStation Gold Wireless


These headphones support 7.1 surround sound, so you’ll never miss a thing. They also have an internal noise-canceling microphone to make sure your friends can always clearly hear what you’re saying when you play together. If you prefer a wired setup, these headphones rock a 3.5mm headphone jack, which means you do have the ability to plug them in physically.

$69 at Amazon $100 at Best Buy

Immersive controls

PSVR Aim Controller


$90 at Amazon $60 at GameStop

While it offers a much better experience for shooter games, it is only supported with the following games: Arizona Sunshine, Bravo Team, ChromaGun, Dick Wilde, DOOM: VFR, Evasion, Farpoint, Firewall Zero Hour, Rom: Extraction, Special Delivery, The Brookhaven Institute, and Unearthing Mars 2. If you don’t have any of these games, with no intention of owning them, don’t get the Aim controller.

Bells and whistles

Skywin PSVR Charging Display Stand


This vertical stand comes with a slot to hold just about every PlayStation accessory you can think of. There’s a slot for your console, two Move controllers, the PSVR box, the PSVR helmet, headphones, and two DualShock controllers. It also has two fans and four USB 3.0 charging ports built-in on the stand.

$40 at Amazon $25 at Walmart

Take to the sky!

Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4


$80 at Amazon $80 at Best Buy

The T.Flight has 12 action buttons, one rapid-fire trigger, one multi-directional hat switch, and a dual rudder system. All of these features offer you the best comfort, easy mapping, and immersive gameplay. You can use a HOTAS controller for most flight simulators on the PlayStation VR, and it really enhances the gaming experience.

Fitness VR

MaxKare Recumbent Exercise Bike


VR in itself provides a great workout, but what if you could take it to the next level? While your exercise bike won’t be compatible with your PSVR controls, it can still offer a great experience. You can use the chair during flight-simulator games to keep your body moving, or go onto YouTube and pop on a video to make your stroll more exciting.

$158 at Amazon

Glass protection

Hyperkin VR Lens Protector


Keeping your lenses protected is essential, especially if you wear glasses. Although the PlayStation VR can fit your glasses into the headset, you’re still running the risk of the corners of your glasses scratching the lenses. Whether that is during the application or a fierce workout, maintain the lifespan of your PSVR with this lens protector set.

$9 at Amazon

Keeping it clean

Hyperkin Sanitary Mask


If you wear glasses, you know the struggle of constantly taking them off your face to clean the sweat, oil, and dirt. Well, your PSVR is no different. Whether you’re sharing the headset or using it on your own, keep it sanitary. Your immune system and complexion will thank you, trust me.

$14 at Amazon

The basics

AmazonBasics Microfiber cleaning cloths


The time will come when you need to clean your PlayStation VR. When that happens, having a small stock of microfiber cleaning cloths is a solid plan. You can use them to safely dust your headset off and clean the rest of your gear. As a general option, microfiber cloths should be in every home. It isn’t just the PSVR; you can clean with them; it’s all of your tech!

$12 at Amazon

Quick cleaning

Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes


These disinfectant wipes do not contain any traces of bleach or alcohol. That makes this option the best when it comes to cleaning equipment that has to be used on your face. Not only will it protect your skin and eyes from getting irritated, but the fact that there’s no alcohol means you won’t run the risk of warping your lenses with any accidental touches.

$18 at Amazon

Better tracking

Simple Deluxe Clamp Light


Do you deal with an awful lot of screen-shaking or poor tracking when you’re playing the PlayStation VR? You either have too much light in the room or too many colors going on. With this clamp light, you can get a colored LED bulb, turn off all your other lights, and change your entire room to another color so you can improve your tracking.

$11 at Amazon

The best syncing option

Feit Electric LED Green Bulb


After plenty of trial and error, we discovered the PlayStation Camera has the best time tracking your Move controllers and headset against a green background. Because of this, we recommend getting a few green LED bulbs to plug into your clamp lights when you want to improve your tracking!

$9 at Amazon

Begone, light!

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains


$30 at Amazon

Stop letting the glare of the outside world ruin your movie. With these blackout curtains, you can block out that evil sun from interrupting your shows! This package comes with two panels that are 42 inches wide and 63 inches long.

It only gets better from here

There is a lot of great experiences to be had with the PlayStation VR, and all of these accessories heighten that experience. Show off your pride and joy with a phenomenal vertical stand that highlights all of your accessories or jump straight into an immersive game with the best sound quality using PlayStation Gold. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it matters that you’re having fun, and it makes you happy.

It isn’t always just about the fun, though. You also want to make sure you keep your console safe, clean, and sanitary. That’s where the products like the protection lenses and sanitary masks come in. Whether you’re saving your lenses from the devastation of a scratch by glasses, or making sure your snotty nephew doesn’t get you sick, cleaning products are endlessly useful (and cheap!).

I bet you’re curious about my suggestions of a clamp light and a green LED bulb, right? Long story short, your PlayStation VR camera tracks your movements by the lights on your headset and your Move controllers. The camera will scan your room and choose a color for your Move controllers to display in order to combat the lights and colors around your room. This is why your Move controllers light up differently in different rooms!

So, if you turn off all your lights, block out the sun, and turn on a green LED bulb, your PlayStation camera will only have to compete against the green. This prevents it from having to also register posters, wall paint, carpet color, and so forth. The easier you make it for your console to process information, the better it will work.

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