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Apple iPhone 12 keeps Lightning port

The future Apple iPhone 12 will still be equipped with a Lightning connector at the bottom. The port is not swapped for a USB-C port, as with the iPad. Doesn’t Apple like progress or do they have a point?

Apple has been equipping iPhones with the Lightning connector ever since the iPhone 5. This 8-pin reversible cable is nice and small but has one problem; you can only use it for iPhones. Using the same cable to charge any Android phone or, for that matter, your power bank, is not possible. That’s why USB-C was invented. Apple also uses it for her products for example MacBooks and even iPads but iPhones were still left out of the fun. Strange that also for the upcoming iPhone 12 the switch will not be made, at least according to today’s rumor.

Shame the USB-c prototype iPhone 12’s arent making it to production. 1 more year of lightning ? Oh well, at least smart connector on 13 series

– Fudge (@choco_bit) May 25, 2020

And we have to disappoint anyone who thinks Apple is waiting for the iPhone 13 to make the switch to USB-C. That one won’t get any ports. By then, they won’t be needed. Charging will be done wirelessly, listening to music wirelessly, and syncing is done via the cloud. So how do you pair non-wireless accessories? The iPhone 13 may have the same Smart Connector as the iPad. To equip the iPhone 12 in the meantime with USB-C to bridge the gap does not make sense. Especially because switching ports is subject to a lot of criticism. We also saw this at the time with the change of the 30-pin connector to Lightning.

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