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Top 10 Essential Online Tools & Apps for Digital Marketers

We have made the top of free tools for any marketer who wants to at least somehow save his time and energy.

The following tools will ease the work of the digital marketer in a crisis and austerity. Tools are different – there are old and modified one. It was important to collect them in a single useful list, which we have done.

1.Google Trends

Google Trends – tool without which any digital marketer can’t live. In this service you can stay for a long time: look at the trend of popularity of your brand (business) or track competitors and analyze their success. With its tool, you can see what the whole Internet is talking about.

Advantages: Google Trends is very easy to use the tool. Except trends and the most popular topics for different periods in different countries and even small geographical units (cities, districts), Google Trends shows relative data. With it, you can easily compare what is more popular, for example, pizza or burgers.

Disadvantages: Google Trends doesn’t provide real data on the number of search queries for a particular keyword and is only useful for comparative analysis.

2. Onpage Optimization Tool

The Onpage Optimization Tool is simple and easy to use tool to optimize the content on your website pages. It will analyze your site by all parameters – from keyword density to link profile.

Advantages: Onpage Optimization Tool fully analyzes already published content – links, keywords, stopwords and security protocol – all in one click.

Disadvantages: Onpage Optimization Tool does not allow you to analyze unpublished text for optimization. The interface of the tool looks outdated, this prevents the perception of information on the page.

3. Adsy

Adsy – useful service for every digital marketer. It helps find blogs where to publish content. All sites are strictly checked and meet certain requirements. Adsy will help ensure traffic to your site.

Advantages: a huge selection of sites for publication of posts. Sites are strictly selected. Adsy has access quality control system and 10 filters to choose relevant publishers.

Disadvantages: Adsy has a slightly outdated interface which slightly interferes with its use.

4. Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader allows you to evaluate the key performance indicators of your website and compare them with competitors. This free tool was developed by HubSpot. Mobile search adaptability, SEO, security, and efficiency of your marketing activities are the main parameters on which the tool will analyze your website.

Advantages: Marketing Grader is easy to use and ideal for initial site analysis, especially if you are not very familiar with SEO. Marketing Grader provides an overall picture of your website and also points out weaknesses that should be corrected.

Disadvantages: Marketing Grader is not suitable for high-level specialists or for those who are serious about optimization, as it does not allow you to go into details.

5. SEO Writing Assistant for Wordpress

The plugin for the most popular CMS saves time on SEO-optimization of your pages for certain keywords. Instead of analyzing Google’s top 10, calculate text length, highlight key requests and analyze readability, all you need to do is run SEO Writing Assistant – it will collect this information and automatically generate results in the form of simple recommendations.

Advantages: SEO Writing Assistant for Wordpress helps optimize the text on any topic directly in the admin panel. It tells you the keywords to insert into the content, its optimal length, readability and gives him a general score.

Disadvantages: SEO Writing Assistant for Wordpress can not be downloaded in the official WordPress store, readability is correctly calculated only in English.

6. SEMpie

A handy tool for fast data visualization. With just a few clicks, SEMpie transforms your data into custom infographics where you can easily change everything from a common background to a name. Ideal for creating infographics in PNG, PDF for media patching, social networking, business presentations, blog posts.

Advantages: SEMpie allows you to quickly visualize data in colorful charts using convenient templates. You can change colors, themes, and headlines.

Disadvantages: SEMpie has not the opportunity to upload your image.

7. MasterCalendar

Situational marketing is very essential for marketers. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the news and major events. MasterCalendar gathers all-important international events: conferences, film premieres, sporting events, holidays, festivals and much more. You no longer have to switch between calendars and search for lists on the Internet, now all the most important events are in one place.

Advantages: MasterCalendar has a handy filter by event type. Most events are automatically added to the calendar. You can import events into other calendars.

Disadvantages: upcoming events are not always relevant to a particular region.

8. BuzzSumo

A service that will be useful to all digital marketers. BuzzSumo shows the content that gathers the most likes, reposts, and views. It works very simply – enter a search query for the keyword you are interested in and you will immediately get a list of the most popular content on this topic.

Advantages: BuzzSumo gives you an opportunity to find the most popular content on any topic, see who is already covering it, find influencers and set alerts as soon as something on your topic appears on the Internet.

Disadvantages: BuzzSumo doesn’t always find the content on time. BuzzSumo doesn’t always produce relevant content, so you’ll still have to double-check the search results.

9. Google Analytics

Ask any analyst (marketer, the site owner) to make a list of what he likes most in the world. Google Analytics is well placed to lead this list. The service provides a lot of information from the analytics of site visits to reports on the goals that you set yourself. Of course, Google Analytics is not so easy to use, but Google offers a detailed course to learn all the necessary skills.

Advantages: if you use other Google tools – Google Analytics seamlessly integrates with each of them, allowing you to see a more complete picture of the site. The tool is constantly updated, and more functionality is added to it. All you need to know about using the tool, Google will teach you absolutely free.

Disadvantages: Google Analytics isn’t so easy to use. You can’t learn everything at once, or even in a single course.

10. Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis allows you to build marketing cohorts (user retention and LTV) based on the data that the user uploads. You can analyze the seasonality of user inflows, study long term value, understand when the user can stop using the product, and much more.

Advantages: Cohort Analysis allows you to quickly visualize the cohorts in just 2 clicks and save the result on your computer. Now you can build 2 types of cohorts (retention, revenue).

Disadvantages: you need to upload data in a certain format for analysis. Errors may be processed incorrectly.


Of course, this is an incomplete and inconclusive list of all tools that every marketer should have. But it is a set of those tools that should be used to increase efficiency and save time.

Make your work more comprehensive, communicate more intensively with your audience using tools from our top 10 Essential Online Tools & Apps for Digital Marketers!

Marie Barnes is a writer for Bestforacar. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging.


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