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Home News Hulu is currently facing an outage

Hulu is currently facing an outage


How will I kill time now?

What you need to know

  • Hulu is currently down for some people.
  • The outages are spread across the U.S.
  • The troubles began at around 8 pm, Eastern time.

If you’re stuck at home and were hoping to kill some time binging the latest season of Marvel’s Runaways, you’re likely to be disappointed. Hulu has been experiencing outages across the U.S.

The issues seems to have started around 8 pm, Eastern time, with DownDetector reporting a peak of 1,163 reports at around 10:20 pm. The problems seems to relate to Live TV, where users reporting no or very few channels are available:

ummmm, excuse me @hulu and @hulu_support your chat and phones are down. There’s no channels in Live TV guide. There’s almost no channels in network menu and you’re tweeting about shows that no one across the country can watch. Outage is everywhere. What’s the plan, Stan?

— Cliff Dorfman (@cliffdorfman) April 7, 2020

The outage reports have started to drop off in the last hour, though, as the company has begun rolling out a fix on its end.

Apologies for the difficulty! Our team has informed us they’ve made an adjustment which should resume playback on your end. Just reboot the device in use and let us know if there are any further issue (https://t.co/QTK0rOY6rs).

— Hulu Support (@hulu_support) April 7, 2020

Hulu: Everything you need to know


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