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How to watch The Last Dance Michael Jordan documentary series online

It’s not a new game, it’s not live, but it’s new sports related content, and we are here for it. There’s no denying that Michael Jordan is one of the best who ever stepped foot on the courts, and right now you can take a look back at his incredible career through a new documentary mini series called ‘The Last Dance’. The first two of the ten episodes have already aired on ESPN, and if you happened to miss them you can still tune in and watch before the next one airs.


The series contains a mixture of gameplay from Jordan’s time with the bulls, present day interviews, and some exclusive rare archival footage. It follows along with the story behind Jordan’s departure from the team, which was due to Phil Jackson being removed as head coach despite the winning streak the team was on. Originally, the series was set to debut later this year, but thanks to the lack of sports and the troubling times we are facing right now ESPN has decided to push things up.

Here’s more about the series, when the episodes are set to air, and how you can watch it online from anywhere.

The Last Dance: When & where

The first two episodes of this series aired on Sunday, April 19 on ESPN. Every Sunday for the next few weeks ESPN will debut two additional episodes until the series comes to an end on May 17. The first episode airs at 9 p.m Eastern every Sunday and the second one begins right after it at 10 p.m. Eastern.

Following the initial debut of the episode, they will make their way to Netflix the following morning to be streamed with ease.

How to watch The Last Dance from anywhere

We have outlined how to watch The Last Dance from various regions below, but whether it’s not playing in your local area or you’re traveling and need to find a new way to watch it we have you covered as well. A VPN is one of the best ways to unlock the content from anywhere.

VPNs are incredibly easy to use and have the added benefit of giving you a further layer of security when surfing the web. There are lots of options, and we recommend ExpressVPN as our #1 pick due to its speed, security and ease of use. It can be used on a vast array of operating systems and devices (e.g. iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Fire TV Stick, Roku, games consoles, etc). Sign up for ExpressVPN now now and enjoy a 49% discount and 3 months FREE with an annual subscription. Or give it a try with its 30-day money back guarantee. Looking for other affordable options?

Here are some more options that are on sale right now.



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No matter where in the world you may be, a VPN is one of the easiest ways to watch The Last Dance. Get in on this deal now!

Stream The Last Dance in the U.S.

This 10-part series will air on Sunday nights via ESPN, which menas that even if you’ve cut the cord you can still easily access it with a streaming service. The broadcast plays uncensored on ESPN and ESPN2 has a censored version, in case you want to watch it with your family.

The most affordable way to watch it in the U.S. is using Sling’s Orange package, which is $20 for the first month and includes 32 channels. You can also get ESPN with Hulu’s Live TV package, which includes more than 60 channels and access to tons of Hulu’s own content.

Sling TV is your best bet

With Sling TV’s Orange bundle you get access to ESPN and ESPN2 so you can see either the uncensored or clean version of the new series. You get a total of 32 channels, some of which also include TBS, CNN, Freeform, Lifetime, and more. It’s less than half the price of Hulu and gives you plenty of channel options.

Sling TV


From $20 at Sling

The cheapest way to watch this new series as it airs live would be with a Sling TV subscription. Be sure to pick the Orange bundle so you get access to ESPN.

Netflix customers get it the next day

If you have a Netflix subscription and don’t like to stay up late, this is your best bet. You can watch the episodes the day after they air, and you don’t need to add anything else to your current subscription to get access.



See plan options at Netflix

Netflix will host the videos the day after they air live on ESPN, so if you happen to miss out you can still watch them easily with a subscription.

How to watch The Last Dance in Canada, UK, and other countries

Unfortunately, outside of the U.S. you’ll need to wait until the episodes hit Netflix on the Monday after they air. If you want to avoid this, refer to the VPN informationa bove so you can tune in and watch it live on ESPN in the U.S.

The Last Dance Michael Jordan Preview

If you want to know a little more about what you can expect to see from this series, here is a nice preview of what’s to come.

The Last Dance U.S. live release schedule

  • Sunday, April 19 – 9 p.m. Eastern – Episode 1
  • Sunday, April 19 – 10 p.m. Eastern – Episode 2
  • Sunday, April 26 – 9 p.m. Eastern – Episode 3
  • Sunday, April 26 – 10 p.m. Eastern – Episode 4
  • Sunday, May 3 – 9 p.m. Eastern – Episode 5
  • Sunday, May 3 – 10 p.m. Eastern – Episode 6
  • Sunday, May 10 – 9 p.m. Eastern – Episode 7
  • Sunday, May 10 – 10 p.m. Eastern – Episode 8
  • Sunday, May 17 – 9 p.m. Eastern – Episode 9
  • Sunday, May 17 – 10 p.m. Eastern – Episode 10

The Last Dance release schedule for Netflix

  • Monday, April 20 – 12:01 a.m. PT – Episodes 1 and 2
  • Monday, April 27 – 12:01 a.m. PT – Episodes 3 and 4
  • Monday, May 4 – 12:01 a.m. PT – Episodes 5 and 6
  • Monday, May 11 – 12:01 a.m. PT – Episodes 7 and 8
  • Monday, May 18 – 12:01 a.m. PT – Episodes 9 and 10


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