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How To Improve Your Movie Night Experience

Whether you’re home alone, with a friend, family, or significant other, we are all trying to find comfort and security during this “new normal” that we find ourselves living in. While this global pandemic may have you feeling like you’re in a Hollywood blockbuster yourself, we have some tips on how to stay calm, stay home, and create your own safe sanctuary as you practice physical distancing.

Pillows and blankets are the key components when it comes to getting comfortable. Whether you set yourself up on your couch or decide to lay down cushions – perhaps even a spare mattress – on the floor in front of your television, the goal is to create a cosy atmosphere and undeniable five-star comfort. You should be so comfortable that you will not want to budge in the slightest, even if you’ve decided to start a Harry Potter marathon and pull an all-nighter. Your maximum radius of action will be handling the remote control and grabbing a snack or drink.

This brings us to the next vital step: preparing food and drinks. We recommend setting up a snack station next to your lounging area so that you will not have to get up multiple times to satisfy your sweet tooth or any other cravings. Because it’s all about stress-relief and decompressing, we recommend CBD infused bites and beverages – they will not only help to relax you physically but also relieve you of anxiety. Furthermore, CBD is said to improve your concentration and memory, so you’ll actually be able to focus on the movie better and retain what you’re watching longer.

Of course, there are plenty of CBD infused goods on the market, such as teas, soft drinks, gummies, and chocolate, to name a few, but you could also try making your own. We recommend popcorn infused with CBD oil! We deem this essential for a great movie night – pandemic or not – an epic movie night always calls for popcorn. However, if you are not the DIY type or a big fan of popcorn, try drizzling a few drops of CBD oil over your food – be it pizza or salad, it really goes with everything.

When your setup is done, and you are wearing your most comfortable loungewear, you’re ready for a great night of “quarantine and chill.” Try lighting a scented candle and dim the lights for an ultra-relaxing atmosphere because now comes the trickiest part: choosing what to watch. Most of us know what it’s like when life gets in the way, and we don’t get around to watching all the things we have been meaning to, or perhaps you are guilty of watching twenty trailers before giving up and watching reruns of an old favorite TV show. Well, now there’s no more excuse for that. There is really no better time than the present to check off all those titles on your watchlist and even explore new ones. Ask your friends and family for recommendations and make discoveries you may never have considered before.

You could try having themed movie nights, where you stick to one genre, one actor or actress, or one release year, for example. All of this effort for a movie night may seem like a hassle, especially if you are currently braving the quarantine on your own. It may also be that you have a great number of films that you would rather see with friends. Again, no problem! Though this time should be spent physically away from family, friends, and the general public, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy movies with your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re on a conference call and simultaneously watching something, or using any one of the readily available apps intended for “viewing parties,” you don’t have to be alone!

Hopefully this “How-To” has inspired you to get cosy, get creative, and stay inside.


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