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SOTKA review

We live in an interesting time. More specifically, we’re in a very interesting moment. What with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe and all, we face new and difficult challenges.

Many of us are forced to work from home, or have been sent home with nothing to do. Some will take the time to get caught up on housework and chores. Others might start a new hobby or chase a passion. Then there are others who will use the time to get in shape or stay in shape.

We can’t leave the house to get in some time at the gym. Getting in a workout can prove challenging if you don’t have equipment. What’s more, there’s nobody around to ask about a particular routine or exercise.

How does one get started with working out alone? Consider SOTKA, the first “edufitness” app to show up in the Play Store. Designed for beginners or those out of shape and looking to get toned, it’s a free title that walks you through the process over 100 days.

Upon your first installation you’ll be greeted by a number of handy tutorials, descriptions, and videos. These will prove handy in helping you develop good form and habits. You’ll be asked to take before/after photos and set a couple of goals, but you can skip ahead and get started if you don’t feel ready to do those things.

The whole point of SOTKA is to educate you in your fitness journey. This includes reviewing your diet, help in planning meals, and answering your common questions. It’s the perfect companion to the stay-at-home lifestyle that keeps us all isolated.

You can’t really go any further in the experience than you’ve unlocked. That is to say you cannot jump ahead to day 60 and do the challenges and lessons.

There’s a strategic approach to SOTKA in that it doesn’t give you more than you’re ready to handle. Further, it’s a nice way to ensure you move at a smart pace and not one where you may assume you’re further along.

The first 49 days, for instance, help you get going with bodyweight exercises that don’t require any extra hardware or equipment. You’ll also come to understand proper breathing techniques, how to improve your flexibility, and other instrumental basics.

Once you’re halfway in you’ll get into more advanced exercises and begin to focus on muscles. The techniques start to ramp up and you’ll find new things to do on a regular basis. After all, you’ve developed the good habits and put the foundation in place. Now, you’ll build on those fundamentals.

In the final stretch (days 92-98) you’ll really dial things up with seven different routines. Each day is a little different, but nothing you can’t handle.

Given it could be a few months before things are back to normal, you could find yourself re-entering the real world a different person. It’s not just about bulking up or toning, but more of a smarter approach to life, including eating the right foods and doing the right things by your body.

SOTKA does a solid job of walking you through things, educating, and tracking progress. It’s not overly polished looking but that’s not why you use it. It’s helpful, keeps you accountable, and doesn’t get in your way. In other words, it’s the sort of gym partner you deserve.

We like the educational approach presented here because it’s not all in your face at one time. Instead, it’s presented to you piecemeal, and in a fairly organic order. We also appreciate that you can pick the time that best works for you with the gentle nudge that comes from a notification.

SOTKA is available as a free application in the Google Play Store.

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