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FunEasyLearn review

Thanks to our mobile phones, it’s no problem to pick up a new language on our lunch breaks and in our spare time. If you’re looking to learn languages on Android, you may be interested in checking out FunEasyLearn.

We live in a wonderful era. Information is available at the press of a button or tap of a screen that fits in our pocket. And even though we seem to be busier than ever, we can make excellent usage of our precious down time.

Take learning a new language, for instance. No longer do we have to have to take dedicated classes, do homework, or any of that other stuff we left behind in high school or college. It’s easier than ever to master a second or third tongue.

We’ve had FunEasyLearn on our phone, teaching ourselves a little bit of French over the last few days. Here are our thoughts on the experience.

Let’s go

Upon opening the app you’ll be asked to either log in with an existing account or create one. Well, there’s also an option to skip and do it later. Doing so makes it possible to track your progress; otherwise it’s a little more difficult to remember where you’ve been. This is certainly recommended if you plan to use multiple devices or rely on the app for the long term.

The app itself is free to install and use, but does come with pretty tight limitations. Further, you’ll see a full screen ad after each section. There are a number of options available to fully unlock things, including six months ($37.99), one year ($33.99 promo), and lifetime. As one might expect, the longer you commit to the subscription, the cheaper it is per month.

Choose your path

Once you’ve picked a language, you’ll dive into the first lessons. Here you can pick from categories such as people, fashion, health, work, culture, sports, animals, etc. Under each of these will be a small subset of options that drill down.


1 of 13

Under plants, for instance, you’ll find trees, fruit trees, flowers, and agriculture. And each of these will have about one half dozen words to learn. These subtopics will often have another few options tucked behind the pay wall.

Learning the words is really simple and straightforward. Typically, you’ll find a word presented with a Clip-art style image and audio and visual pronouncements. Cycle through the handful and you end up with an array of choices to go back and test yourself.

There are some pretty fun and interesting ways to ensure you understand the new words. This may be in the form of matching, choosing between two options, spelling it out, fill in the blanks, or something else.

We received a promotional code which unlocked the full suite for one month, giving us a chance to look at what lies beyond the pay wall. In short, there’s a wealth of words and sentences to choose from, each diving a little bit deeper.

If you’re serious about learning a new language, we feel strongly that you can get a solid understanding using FunEasyLearn.


Generally speaking, things are presented in a rather intuitive manner, grouping terms based on categories and sub-categories. It makes sense.

Learning sentences and phrases is a similar experience. You’ll start with a main topic such as basic sentences, emergencies, general conversation, or something else. Then, drill down a bit and you’ll learn a small number of phrases that fit the category.

The graphics, for their part, are a little bit generic and call to mind emojis and basic Clip-art from your keyboard. Paying for a subscription does nothing to change them or provide any other styles. It’s not as if we have any hard issue with them, but they don’t feel as modern and fresh as what we’re used to in 2020. To their credit, they are consistent.

We can imagine that someone with 10-15 minutes of free time could knock out a full category. You can stop anywhere along the way; once you know something, you can leave the area. But, for those who need a little bit of help, the mini-games and challenges make for fun ways of learning.

According to FunEasyLearn, there are some 15,000 words, phrases, letters, and expressions you can pick up across the full library. Spread over 54 native languages, there are 11,000 of the hand-drawn illustrations to help master upwards of three dozen languages.

Get started today

If you’d like to learn languages with FunEasyLearn, or find out more about the app and experience, be sure to check out the website. Head to the Google Play Store to download the mobile app, which figures to be rather popular. As of the time of publishing, the app had more than 6,200 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.

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